Wavelength: 2012

21st Dec 2012


14th Dec 2012

God is Real!

7th Dec 2012

Bob Parks

30th Nov 2012


23rd Nov 2012

Seddon Tape Number 74

Seddon Tapes

16th Nov 2012


9th Nov 2012

Busch, Bagpipes, Seddon Tapes

Seddon Tapes

2nd Nov 2012

Kaspar ist Tot

26th Oct 2012

Dogs and Boats and Airplanes

19th Oct 2012


12th Oct 2012

We tip our hat to Mr Louis Bromberg

5th Oct 2012

12 Paintings for Radio

28th Sep 2012

Bagpipe Blues etc.

14th Sep 2012

Gail and Marco

17th Aug 2012

Same bagpipes, different woman.

10th Aug 2012

Jinx Lennon followed by How German Is It?

27th Jul 2012

Panasonic Rage

13th Jul 2012

1000 Stations again

6th Jul 2012

You’re breaking up…

29th Jun 2012

Radio Narratives

22nd Jun 2012


15th Jun 2012

Masters of Chaos

8th Jun 2012

Adham Fisher

1st Jun 2012

The Hall of Mirrors

18th May 2012

Under Dubwood

11th May 2012

Li Yuan-Chia

4th May 2012

Ironic, Sinister, Derivative

27th Apr 2012


20th Apr 2012

Blind Date Parks

13th Apr 2012

Sensitive Brigade

6th Apr 2012

Simon Payne

30th Mar 2012

Bill English, drummer, and associates

23rd Mar 2012

Tom, Dick, but no Harry. Doppelgangers part 2.

16th Mar 2012

Music for Children

9th Mar 2012

Paul Gorman

2nd Mar 2012

Missing Persons

24th Feb 2012

Upside Down Kangaroo

10th Feb 2012

“Five American Portraits” by Art and Language and the Red Krayola

3rd Feb 2012

Art and Language: Corrected Slogans

27th Jan 2012

1000 Stations

20th Jan 2012

Red Krayola and Art and Language

13th Jan 2012