Wavelength: 2011

16th Dec 2011

Christmas Part Three

9th Dec 2011

Christmas Part Two

2nd Dec 2011

Christmas Part One

25th Nov 2011

Artists’ Records?

11th Nov 2011


4th Nov 2011

Not talking to myself…

28th Oct 2011

MP3 Deviation

21st Oct 2011

Rave Slime

14th Oct 2011


7th Oct 2011


16th Sep 2011

Let England Shake

9th Sep 2011

William English and William English

2nd Sep 2011


26th Aug 2011

Martin Kippenberger Musik 1979-1995

19th Aug 2011

Pete Challis side 2

12th Aug 2011

Electric Music by Pete Challis

5th Aug 2011

Barks from Cadaques

22nd Jul 2011

Poemes et Musique Lettristes

15th Jul 2011

Ravelength; Bob Parks and the Recreationals

8th Jul 2011

Ravelength from Raven Row

1st Jul 2011

Nicky Hamlyn and Conor Kelly

24th Jun 2011

The MMs Bar Recordings.

17th Jun 2011

Ravelength from Raven Row

3rd Jun 2011

Jack Bruce

27th May 2011

Audio-films (for radio)

20th May 2011

Plundered Classics

13th May 2011

Survival Research Laboratories

6th May 2011

Bob Parks

15th Apr 2011

Art and Artists on Record

8th Apr 2011

Studies for an Exhibition

1st Apr 2011

Break Through in Grey Room

26th Mar 2011

Space Hijackers

18th Mar 2011

Auction Fever

11th Mar 2011

Captain Maurice Seddon, Royal Signals (retired).

25th Feb 2011

Kinnie the Explorer and Beethoven

18th Feb 2011

Destruction in Art part 14

11th Feb 2011

Destruction in Art part 13, Niki de St. Phalle, Arman.

4th Feb 2011

James Tregaskis and UKUncut

28th Jan 2011

Business as Usual

21st Jan 2011

Destruction in Art part 12 “I don’t want to shoot your children”

14th Jan 2011

In Sara, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven there were men and women.