Photographs of Vivienne Westwood in Sex 1975 exhibited at Kunsthalle Vienna
(Punk No-One is Innocent), Aquarium Gallery, Maggs Brothers Bookshop, Summerhall Edinburgh.


[Standard 8mm footage of Grunwick’s dispute and Lewisham anti-NF march 1977]
[Standard 8mm film Mini Cars 1980-82]

Untitled; 1985 16mm colour silent 8’; standard 8mm Kodachrome double exposed,
blown up to 16mm and stretch printed producing abstract granularity. Dayglo and

Passages; 1986 16mm colour silent 20’; series of 3 minute rolls double exposed.
Abstraction, mostly unidentifiable imagery. Water. Wales. Venice. Norfolk.

Contract; 1987 16mm black and white silent 10’; Maurice Seddon squeezes the air
out of 3 black plastic bags. Three takes of the same event with variations. This
footage has now been incorporated into Heated Gloves 2015.

Dining Room; 1982-1991 16mm colour sound 20’; mostly shot looking down into a
sink in a restaurant with sounds recorded next to the sink + a radio which
happened to be playing Dvorak’s Slavonic Dances. Preceded by silent standard 8mm
footage of chef Sandra Cross in the kitchen. The restaurant was located in a
basement at the corner of Winchester Walk and Cathedral Street, Borough Market,
started by myself and Sandra in 1980.

Displaced; 2000 16mm colour silent 10’; a series of silent images in various
locations; the traces left by tents, derelict houses in Wales, an automaton in
an amusement arcade on the south coast (can’t remember where now), a miniature
village, a distressed poster and film slipping through the gate.

What did you eat today? Hugh de la Cruz; 2001. With Sandra Cross, colour silent
10’; (this film is now included, with sound, in It’s My Own Invention 2017).

Ex Library; 2009 16mm colour silent 15’; a crane and its operator observed over
18 months.

HAH; 1991 1 minute television for BBC2’s Late Show. Static shot, Kodachrome,
close up of a mechanical clown’s midriff with moving hand and torn material.

What did you eat today? Rose Lowder; 2005. With Sandra Cross, colour sound video
60’; portrait of filmmaker Rose Lowder preparing a macrobiotic meal in her tiny
Parisian garret.

Untitled twin screen film (ongoing project); 16mm Kodachrome, silent and
sound 20′; Incorporates HAH 1991 and scenes of cranes at night adorned with
Christmas lights, a bouncy castle, a rickety roller coaster and a lighthouse.

Anonymus; 2010 (recently graded and digitised) 16mm colour silent 15’; series of scenes; Leicester houses with names such as Anonymus (sic), Weymouth, English bunkers, abstract single frame

Heated Gloves; 2015 DCP colour/black and white, sound 115’; 16mm, standard 8mm,
VHS, BetaMax, iPhone. Portrait of Captain Maurice Seddon (Royal Signals retired,
deceased) over 30 years including numerous TV appearances.

It’s My Own Invention; 2017 ProRes colour sound 78’; originally shot on standard 8mm, 16mm, iPhone.
Hugh de la Cruz, inventor of a trouser coat and his obsession with perpetual

Screenings include ICA London, London Filmmakers’ Co-op, LUX (Hoxton Square),
no.w.here, 291 Gallery London, Pompidou Centre Paris, Archives of Experimental
Cinema Avignon, Tate Britain, National Film Theatre, Close Up, Norwegian Film
Institute Oslo, La Plaque Tournante Berlin, Phoenix Cinema Leicester,
Whitechapel Art Gallery, Horse Hospital. BBC TV One Minute Television.

Interim cinema organiser at London Filmmakers’ Co-op circa 1991.

Bookseller and dealer in rare books since 1992. Presently working at Marcus
Campbell Art Books, London.

Memoirs (extract) published in Sequence 3 Film Journal 2013.

Presenter of Wavelength since 2005 on Resonance 104.4fm (London’s first radio
arts station www.resonancefm.com), a weekly programme of multiple agendas
including interviews, music and ongoing Seddon Tapes; audio cassettes rescued
from Datchet Cottage, recorded by Captain Maurice Seddon.

Co-founder with Sandra Cross, of pioneering vegetarian restaurant in London’s
Borough Market 1980-1990.

Untitled twin screen film 16mm colour reviewed by Nicky Hamlyn in Film Art

Also by Nicky Hamlyn:
Two ‘machine’ films; Ex Library and About Now MMX.
Essay on films by William English and William Raban now published on Senses of
Cinema, Issue 78: read article: Two ‘machine’ films; Ex Library and About Now MMX.
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“Heated Gloves” 2015 115’ screened at London Film Festival 2015, Rotterdam 2016,
Norwegian Film Institute Oslo 2016,
Close Up Cinema London, Berlin 2017.
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