Wavelength: 2019

20th Dec 2019

End of term

13th Dec 2019

The Glamour Poet versus Francis Bacon

6th Dec 2019

Steve Beresford

29th Nov 2019

Goat’s Milk and other enigmas

22nd Nov 2019


15th Nov 2019

Hardy Tree

8th Nov 2019

Perfect Binding re-launch

1st Nov 2019

Perfect Binding: Made in Leicester

25th Oct 2019


18th Oct 2019

Steven Cleary and Sandra Cross

11th Oct 2019

Marclay and Beresford live at the Spitz 2003

4th Oct 2019


27th Sep 2019

Daniel R. Wilson: clairvoyant?

20th Sep 2019

Bryony and the puppy

13th Sep 2019

Medical Clowning

15th Aug 2019

Marcus Campbell on artists’ books

26th Jul 2019

Five Flies

19th Jul 2019

Loony tunes

12th Jul 2019

Post-nostalgic, future retro, ironic hommage; a new/old genre.

5th Jul 2019

Music and voice; women composers.

28th Jun 2019

Dungeness Blues

21st Jun 2019


14th Jun 2019

Slow Trains

7th Jun 2019

The Bodies Beneath

31st May 2019


24th May 2019

Seddon Tapes D74 (side B) and D89

17th May 2019

Seddon Tapes D88 and D85

10th May 2019

Schatzkiste (Treasure Chest)

3rd May 2019

Swimming Pool Desegregation etc.

26th Apr 2019

Birds I Wouldn’t Have Heard

5th Apr 2019

Elastic Radio

29th Mar 2019

Europe Since the War

22nd Mar 2019

Ghost Riders in the Sky?

15th Mar 2019

Hallaton bottle-kicking with occult Stalinism

1st Mar 2019

Films on the Radio

22nd Feb 2019


15th Feb 2019

Untitled February 15th 2019

8th Feb 2019

Experimental fundraising

25th Jan 2019

Jonas Mekas 1922-2019

18th Jan 2019


11th Jan 2019

Zircon and the Burning Brains