Wavelength is broadcast on Resonance 104.4fm, on Fridays at 2:30pm and repeats on Mondays at 5am.
18th Feb 2022

First Weavelength 2013: Chris Weaver and Adam Bohman

In 2013 I was joined for three programmes by Christopher J. Weaver, and Wavelength was temporarily stretched to Weavelength. These programmes were considered to be lost but due to the tenacity of Dan Wilson and James Dunn, they have been retrieved from the archives. I’m now pleased to be able to repeat the ‘Weavelength’ episodes over coming weeks, all of which feature audio cassettes. The first guest is Adam Bohman who gives energetic live readings from his spoken word texts, culminating in a performance with Weaver, discussing gathering words for his text pieces from “official documents and menus” and other sources.