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18th Apr 2014

Message to My Friends

Good Friday (repeats Easter Sunday). The ticking clock. 1; Winding Up by Dorothy Norwood from the double CD Holy Spirit; Spiritual Soul and Gospel Funk from Shreveport’s Jewel Records. 2; Part 1 of Kyriades by Bernard Wisson from Ondes Martenot, Thomas Bloch performs. 3; A Mover (Place in the Sun) Boss Soul, 12 Poems by Sarah Webster Fabio. 4; This Train by Chrysta Bell and David Lynch. 5; Nightmare by Lindsay Cooper from Ondes Martenot (as before), this track featuring the voice of Phil Minton. 6; Message to My Friends by The Violinaires also from Holy Spirit. 7; Mare Teno by Michel Redolfi from Ondes Martenot (as above). 8; Putin Zassal by Pussy Riot. 9; The Upper Way also by The Violinaires from Holy Spirit. 10; Five Variants of “Dives and Lazarus” from Orchestral Works by Vaughan Williams.