Wavelength is broadcast on Resonance104.4fm Fridays at 14:30 GMT and repeated Sundays at 09:00 GMT.

 Short Wavell Lengths
Recordings incorporating short wave band radios including William Basinski and John Cage plus Comme a la Radio by Brigitte Fontaine Areski, interspersed with extracts from The Art of Radio by Stuart Wavell, a Ceylon Broadcasting Corporation training manual published in 1969. Wavelength will be resting until September.
24th July 2015
 The Damned
Bulletin from Weymouth and Portland with soundtrack from The Damned by Joseph Losey which used Weymouth as a location, field recordings from the area including the Portland Bill foghorn, and music by Gerald Finzi set to poetry by Thomas Hardy.
17th July 2015
Symphonie Number 4: Juvenal (2001), by the founder of Lettrism; Isidore Isou. Orchestration and realisation by Frederic Acquaviva. Released as a CD on al dante 2004. The piece lasts 62 minutes so unfortunately the beginning is 'cropped'.
10th July 2015
 Apricot Cafe
Restaurant review of Apricot Cafe at the corner of Denmark Place and Charing Cross Road. "The Coming Thaw" from a CDR by Henny Moan and "Slow House Mix" by Paul B. Davis.
3rd July 2015