Wavelength is broadcast on Resonance104.4fm and will be off air until October.

Instrumental by Ramzi Aburedwan, songs by Amal Murkus, DAM, interspersed with tracks by Muslimgauze and Werner Kodytek (Austria, from ReR Records Quarterly Vol.2 No.4).
1st August 2014
 Home Care
Sandra Cross aka DJ Hybridist in the studio to present her sound work: Home Care.
18th July 2014
4th July 2014
 Bob Parks discusses Malevich
Bob Parks, performance artist and usher, discussing a documentary being made about him. Members of the film crew choose their favourite rhythm and blues tracks, and eventually Bob explains Kasimir Malevich with passing reference to George Fullard and Pol Pot. The film; The R&B Feeling will be shown on BBC4 minus one scene proposed by Bob in which he would have mixed his own semen with the ashes of his dead mother. Instead, the ashes were turned into bread and formed in the shape of a cross. Bob has a website, somewhere...
27th June 2014