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 Just One Second
The annual Wavelength Christmas show including a short story "Just One Second", a taped conversation between Anna and Captain Maurice Frank Henry Urguhart Necom Seddon (Royal Signals, retired, actually deceased in March of this year) in which they discuss where they intend to go for Christmas lunch. The Toby at Langley is mentioned which is where I went with Maurice on several occasions. You could load up from a buffet/carvery as much as you could possibly pile on to a large plate and Maurice certainly knew how to make a substantial heap. Plus tracks from Florence Jenkins who was incapable of singing in tune, Nina and Frederik, Negativland from a double CD which comes either with a Bible or a Koran, and an obscure track by The Band. Merry Christmas!
19th December 2014
 Stave Length for Wavelength
On today's show artist and writer David Price returns to Wavelength with the latest episode of an ongoing radio play produced specifically for the occasion. He will also discuss current projects and read from some experimental texts in progress, and introduce some musical interludes...
12th December 2014
 Bob Parks Christmas Show
Bob Parks live in the studio presents some contemporary gospel music and raps about religion.
5th December 2014
 Dirt and Bobby Driscoll.
Several weeks ago, Ed Baxter, director of Resonance, asked me if it was possible to see a copy of "Dirt", a film made in 1965 by underground filmmaker, poet and publisher of the Dead Language Press; Piero Heliczer. Ed was specifically interested in child film star Bobby Driscoll who appears fleetingly in "Dirt", dressed as a nun. This section of the film is only available as a 16mm print, ("Dirt" was originally made as a 3 hour standard 8mm epic, according to Tom Raworth who wrote Heliczer's obituary in The Independent). Today, at the Science Gallery we will run the silent 15 minute version titled "Dirt, Bath Sequence", distributed by LUX London. Bobby Driscoll appears at the beginning and end of the film and this was his last film appearance. "On March 30 1968, two children were playing in an abandoned tenement building in the East Village (New York), and found the body of Bobby Driscoll lying on a cot with two empty bottles of beer and a number of religious pamphlets scattered nearby". This programme includes Ed Baxter's reflection on Bobby Driscoll, spoken by Irish story-teller Willy Carr and accompanied by the Resonance Radio Orchestra.
28th November 2014