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 Finishing the Hat
DJ Hybridist, aka Sandra Cross presents the first in a series on the lyricist and composer Stephen Sondheim. Starting with West Side Story, this week's programme traces the beginnings of Sondheim's career, the huge influence of two major figures: his mentor and surrogate father, Oscar Hammerstein 11 and Milton Babbitt, who taught him composition.
23rd January 2015
 Listen Whitey!
This programme starts with two tracks from Blowing Stones by Jam Money, a new vinyl LP sent to me by Mat Fowler and Kevin Cormack, their latest release on Spillage Fete Records. Then the Shahid Quartet's invitation to Black Power from the CD Listen Whitey! Suspended closure, suspended, by Jimmy Robert which starts out as spoken word and ends with singing by Gert Hohmann (2009). Eldridge Cleaver distancing himself from Timothy Leary, his house guest in Algeria (Listen Whitey!). H-Town K H-Town by Karl Holmqvist, a strangely hypnotic spoken word LP on the White Columns label which sounds like it was recorded backwards (?) (the flip side of this was played last week). Then Roy Harper sings I Hate the White Man, recorded live in 1969 at Les Cousins Folk Cellar in Soho. Last, sounds from Honey-Suckle Company and Konrad Sprenger from the artists' record Non Est Hit (2006).
16th January 2015
 January Sale
First show of the new year coincides with a manhunt in France for satire killers. Satire which set out to be "inane and nasty" with a magazine originally called Hara Kiri. Today's show includes Sounds of Japanese Doomsday Cults, a strange single by Anthony Newley and Delia Derbyshire, some more Negativland and a long spoken word track on the White Columns label; NYC Romance Mash-Up by Karl Holmqvist, 2014.
9th January 2015
 Just One Second
The annual Wavelength Christmas show including a short story "Just One Second", a taped conversation between Anna and Captain Maurice Frank Henry Urguhart Necom Seddon (Royal Signals, retired, actually deceased in March of this year) in which they discuss where they intend to go for Christmas lunch. The Toby at Langley is mentioned which is where I went with Maurice on several occasions. You could load up from a buffet/carvery as much as you could possibly pile on to a large plate and Maurice certainly knew how to make a substantial heap. Plus tracks from Florence Jenkins who was incapable of singing in tune, Nina and Frederik, Negativland from a double CD which comes either with a Bible or a Koran, and an obscure track by The Band. Merry Christmas!
19th December 2014