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 Apricot Cafe
Restaurant review of Apricot Cafe at the corner of Denmark Place and Charing Cross Road. "The Coming Thaw" from a CDR by Henny Moan and "Slow House Mix" by Paul B. Davis. The last three programmes are not yet available as James Tregaskis is still gallivanting around the Arctic Circle.
3rd July 2015
 Lust and the Apple
Bob Parks versus polyglot curator Paul Robertson of Lust and the Apple Gallery in a philosophical grappling match around totalitarianism.
26th June 2015
 Say it with flowers
Artist Gerry Smith in the studio to talk about his current exhibition at the Danielle Arnaud Gallery. Bob Parks turns up on the wrong day and gatecrashes the programme. James Tregaskis, who manages this website, is presently riding a motorbike to the Arctic Circle and so this programme might not be uploaded for a while.
19th June 2015
 Riotous Assembly
Mostly purchased at the London Artists' Book Fair two weeks ago, today's show includes two tracks by the Johnny Parry Chamber Orchestra; Rebuild it Piece by Piece, and Movement VI (Romantic Statements). How Wheeling Feels When The Ground Walks Away by James Hoff which is recordings of the sound of riots on vinyl. Vaduz by Bernard Heidsieck. A short track by Heather Phillipson; Splashy Phasings. And MEGAPNEUMIES by Gil J. Wolman from L'Anticoncept.
12th June 2015