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 A Close Shave
DJ Hybridist aka Sandra Cross sharing her thoughts about Stepehn Sondheim's Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber, specifically the production by Tooting Arts Club running until May 16th in a replica of Harrington's Pie Shop on Shaftesbury Avenue.
17th April 2015
Nicky Hamlyn in the studio to talk about his one person show Zoetrope and brings along a guest; Laura Morsch-Kihn with her fanzine: Le Nouvel Esprit du Vandalisme. Tracks by Bruce McClure, music for triangle by Alvin Lucier and finally Derek Bailey with drum and bass.
10th April 2015
 Ramming Speed
Good Friday, repeats Easter Sunday. Starts with the scene from Ben Hur where the galley slaves are whipped into achieving ramming speed or die. Charlton Heston survives on hate. Which came first; the chicken or the Easter egg?
3rd April 2015
 Mixed Bag
A fairly mixed bag of odd cover versions and non sequiturs including Walking on Sunshine by Dan Wilson from his latest CD, several tracks compiled by Felix Kubin from an anthology of German home tape recordings of the 1980s including a strange version of Everybody has something to hide except for me and my monkey which nudged me towards Jealous Guy by Donny Hathaway and other Beatles covers, plus Angela (Davis) by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and a long polemic on Revolution by Galaxia.
27th March 2015