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26th Jun 2009

Leon Trotsky and Bo Diddley etc.

J.A. da Silva “Audio Poem” (1971) (For Henri Chopin) from OU 40-41. Leon Trotsky “10th Anniversary of the Left Opposition” (political speech ca. 1938) Original voice of Leon Trotsky probably recorded in Mexico. Ladislav Novak “Two Poems” (1958-62) from OU 42-43-44. Bo Diddley “Crackin’ Up” 1958. Ladislav Novak “La Structure Phonetique de la Langue Tcheque” (1969) from OU 36-37. Scientist “Time and Place Dub” Rare Dubs 1979-1980. Arthur Rimbaud “Le Vrai Sonnet des Voyelles” (Reading by him) from OU 42-43-44. The Red Krayola with Art and Language: “Four Stars: The Ideal Crew” from Sighs Trapped by Liars (2007). Scientist “Heavenless Dub” Rare Dubs 1979-1980.