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22nd Apr 2022

Douglas Fishbone

This week: Wavelength includes an interview with Doug Fishbone, an American artist who lives and works in London, described by one critic as a stand-up conceptual artist. Doug was installing his show; The Earth Abideth Forever at Leicester Contemporary Art which runs until 23rd April. The show features a 4 metre tall inflatable replica of a statue of Simon de Montfort titled, The Inflatable Ant-Semite.

18th Mar 2022

Kalou Revisited: Cassettes, Songs and The Sculpture Garden

This week, following on from the Weavelengths that focussed on cassette tape as a medium: on 31 January 2020, William was joined by Sam Robinson (also known as ‘Kalou’), who releases tapes of upbeat songcraft composed with the medium of cassette firmly in mind. Dan Wilson, who has a cameo on the Kalou album, also joins the discussion. As Kalou, Sam Robinson works with a post-modern pot-pourri of techniques, producing an eclectic range of musical moods; plunderphonic lucky dips; the catharsis/neurosis inherent in ‘pop’. The show features Kalou’s album, ‘The Sculpture Garden’, which is still available at https://www.kalou.co.uk/

11th Mar 2022

Fourth Weavelength 2013: Captain Maurice Seddon Cassettes

Continuing with the recovered 2013 ‘Weavelength’ variant shows co-hosted with Chris Weaver (focussing on practices involving cassette tape), this would-be fourth ‘Weavelength’ takes us back to Wavelength’s recurring personality; Captain Maurice Seddon (Royal Signals, retired, deceased). What follows are some pure unedited examples of Seddon’s tapes, with all the noise, hums and clicks of his ramshackle and unique one-way telephone talk system.



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