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 Trapps Last Kape
Debut release on cassette by Vanessa Sinclair and Carl Abrahamsson, issued by arcana machine followed by another cassette release, self published by Adam Bohman; The Custodians, Moribund Mules and Muskett Fire, track one; English Poets of the 1930s Part 1. Extracts from Krapp's Last Tape and Kate Tempest. Somewhere in there is a track by Philip Sanderson called No No No No No...
21st April 2017
 Bob Parks Conceptual Blues
Bob in the studio listening intently to a recording of his gig at Kansas Smitty's, a fund-raiser for Resonance. The recording had to be edited before broadcast. Bob listens throughout and makes occasional comments. Ten minutes at the end of Bob talking about art. The whole preceded by A Cold Day in Hell by Otis Rush. This website should have a sign on it saying "under construction" or something as it doesn't really work at the moment. Help is on the way but might take some time. Meanwhile, these programmes might be obtainable from the Resonance website www.resonancefm.com. Something to do with a 'server' somewhere in the ether which doesn't function any more. What do I know? James Tregaskis usually maintains this site but he's on his way to Greece on a motorcycle. A website designer is preparing something which will miraculously click into place any time now. James Dunn goes into Resonance on Mondays. Salim Fahdley is out there somewhere but has nothing to do with it any more.
7th April 2017
 Black voices (Temporarily Unavailable due to technical stuff)
Langston Hughes from Harlem in Vogue. Eugene B. Redmond from St. Louis. Sun Ra "I am Strange". Sarah Webster Fabio. Gil Scott Heron. Jazzmatazz; an experimental fusion of jazz and hip-hop (1993). Calypso by Edward Braithwaite.
31st March 2017
 Text Sound Rants etc. (Temporarily Unavailable due to technical stuff)
Torero Piece by Beth Anderson from American Text Sound Pieces. Extracts from Ranters, Reformers and Raconteurs Volume 2; Noam Chomsky, Peter Plate, Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz and Stephen Dunifer. Sinkin' in the West by Rodney Graham. Two 'Sun' tracks by Cranfield and Slade from 12 Sun Songs. Goldsmiths (Driving) from Gracility, Music of Laurie Scott Baker. P4 by Roberta Settels from Text-sound compositions 11. (These recent programmes can't be accessed from this website due to some Server issue which is beyond my understanding. Normal service will be resumed one day...)
24th March 2017