John J. Sharkey
Two reel to reel tapes by John J. Sharkey, concrete poet. Both recorded in the 1960s, one in the Middle Earth club in Covent Garden. Then a few tracks from a cassette which accompanied the Canadian journal Musicworks 38; Bridging Language. Last, a Seddon tape in which Maurice listens to Editha.
26th May 2017
William Raban and Steve Fletcher in the studio to discuss making films politically and screenings of William's films at Close Up cinema.
12th May 2017
Aleister Crowley's voice, unused sounds for Lucifer Rising by Jimmy Page, a snatch of Mick Jagger's moog synthesiser soundtrack to Invocation of my Demon Brother and a cassette only release published by Arcana Machine of Technicolor Skull VI by Brian Butler and Kenneth Anger.
5th May 2017
 Prisons on Fire (temporarily unavailable)
Another set of spoken word CDs; Black Power and Liberation Struggles published by Alternative Tentacles. Not exactly easy listening, steered me towards tracks about crime and punishment: Criminals by Francis Stuart. Come Out by Steve Reich. Berta sung by Big Louisiana, Rev. Rogers and Roosevelt Charles from Prison Worksongs. When the Wrath of God Comes Down by Ernest Martin and his Gospel Melody Makers. Forms of Privacy Part 1 by P.C. Fencott. Knoxville Girl by The Handsome Family. Mystery of the Fence by Camberwell Now.
28th April 2017
 Trapps Last Kape
Debut release on cassette by Vanessa Sinclair and Carl Abrahamsson, issued by arcana machine followed by another cassette release, self published by Adam Bohman; The Custodians, Moribund Mules and Muskett Fire, track one; English Poets of the 1930s Part 1. Extracts from Krapp's Last Tape and Kate Tempest. Somewhere in there is a track by Philip Sanderson called No No No No No...
21st April 2017
 Bob Parks Conceptual Blues
Bob in the studio listening intently to a recording of his gig at Kansas Smitty's, a fund-raiser for Resonance. The recording had to be edited before broadcast. Bob listens throughout and makes occasional comments. Ten minutes at the end of Bob talking about art. The whole preceded by A Cold Day in Hell by Otis Rush. This website should have a sign on it saying "under construction" or something as it doesn't really work at the moment. Help is on the way but might take some time. Meanwhile, these programmes are obtainable from the Resonance website : Wavelength/Mixcloud.
7th April 2017
 Black voices (Temporarily Unavailable due to technical stuff)
Langston Hughes from Harlem in Vogue. Eugene B. Redmond from St. Louis. Sun Ra "I am Strange". Sarah Webster Fabio. Gil Scott Heron. Jazzmatazz; an experimental fusion of jazz and hip-hop (1993). Calypso by Edward Braithwaite.
31st March 2017
 Text Sound Rants etc. (Temporarily Unavailable due to technical stuff)
Torero Piece by Beth Anderson from American Text Sound Pieces. Extracts from Ranters, Reformers and Raconteurs Volume 2; Noam Chomsky, Peter Plate, Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz and Stephen Dunifer. Sinkin' in the West by Rodney Graham. Two 'Sun' tracks by Cranfield and Slade from 12 Sun Songs. Goldsmiths (Driving) from Gracility, Music of Laurie Scott Baker. P4 by Roberta Settels from Text-sound compositions 11. (These recent programmes can't be accessed from this website due to some Server issue which is beyond my understanding. Normal service will be resumed one day...)
24th March 2017
 Woodslippercounterclatter (Temporarily Unavailable due to technical stuff)
Really is that a fact? by Ida Appelbroog from Revolutions per Minute. A long (42'35") track by Susan Howe and David Grubbs. After Birmingham by Sarah Webster Fabio. Roars Bangs Booms by Alessandro Ermo. Some of the 73 Poems by Joan La Barbara and Kenneth Goldsmith.
17th March 2017
 Belated (Temporarily Unavailable due to technical stuff)
Belated music for International Women's Day (Wednesday): Including some of the following: Johanne M. Beyer Music of the Spheres (1938) from New Music for Electronic and Recorded Media; Christine Jeffrey (accompanied by Derek Bailey); Julianna Barwick and Ikue Mori; Ursula Bogner; Suzanne Ciani; Joan La Barbara; and The Space Lady.
10th March 2017
 The Great Beast (Temporarily Unavailable due to technical stuff)
Walter de la Mare starts with a recital of The Princess and A Little about Witches, interrupted by the first of several extracts by The Great Beast himself; Aleister Crowley from a white vinyl edition limited to 666 copies who speaks occasionally in Enochian. Two tracks by Iain Sinclair with musical accompaniment from a vinyl EP. Both sides of a vinyl single: Rosie Lugosi; Death and Destruction, and Chloe Poems; London is Paranoid. Neros Tanzende Elektropapste from German Home Recording Tape Music of the 1980s. Two vioiln solo tracks by Aisha Orazbayeva from Telemann Fantasias and finally more Crowley singing Vive la France accompanied by Drawing Round Things by Tamarin Norwood (scraping sound).
3rd March 2017
 Radical Voices - Second Report
Orlando Harrison, member of the Alabama 3, sound artist, and son of art historian Charles Harrison, in the studio to talk about his residency at Senate House Library.
24th February 2017
 Fund-raising week
The Thoughts of Gilbert and George; signed, numbered edition vinyl. No! No! No! Trust Yourself from Baby and Child Care by The Red Krayola with Art and Language, a newly unearthed artifact from 1984. Jon Appleton's Syntonic Menagerie 2. Worm by Bob Cobbing with Hugh Metcalfe and others from Birdyak Aberration + appeals for donations to Resonance.
17th February 2017
 Pennington on Bowles
Jim Pennington, publisher of Aloes Books, in the studio to talk about Paul Bowles. "Jim Pennington began his workng life operating a table top offset in an office in Paddington, his only qualification being a failed degree in Latin and Philosophy and an interest in poetry. Slim volumes emerged from under the machine at the weekends and found refuge in bookshops such as Compendium. As a co-founder of the small imprint Aloes Books he worked on books by William Burroughs, Kathy Acker and others. His current project is producing some more slim volumes, this time from under a rescued and refurbished Gestetner stencil duplicator."
10th February 2017
 Three American Portraits
From Five American Portraits by The Red Krayola with Art and Language: George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter and John Wayne, mingling with Apache Mountain Spirit Songs and other tracks from Authentic Music of the American Indian which in turn lead to Lingual Music by Lily Greenham, Wedding Song by The Slits and a poem by Marilyn Hacker: Geographer - for Luther Thomas Cupp, 1947-1974.
3rd February 2017
 Europe Since the War
The story of ten years of European co-operation narrated by Lord Boothby with the voices of twenty European statesmen (but we didn't have time to get through all of them) and General George Marshall, with superimpositions by Cornelius Cardew (where else would you find Cardew and Winston Churchill?), Unstable Lands by Zero, Voices of Protest by Luigi Nono, and snatches of Art and Language.
27th January 2017
Kate Carr; It Was a Time of Laboured Metaphors. William Burroughs narration to accompany the film Haxan, witchcraft through the ages. More Spanish for slow learners. Adam Bohman; Chinese Menu/Car Insurance (+ other tracks). Philippe Parreno; Witch. Mother Tongue; Chapter and Verse.
20th January 2017
 Beyond the Black Crack
William English talks to Clive Graham about the latest release on his paradigm label: A 40th anniversary vinyl reissue of Anal Magic and Rev. Dwight Frizzell's 'Beyond The Black Crack', originally released in mono, in an edition of 200 by Cavern Custom in 1976. The concept of Reverend Dwight Frizzell, a musician, film maker, doctor of metaphysics and minister in the Universal Church of Life, and mentioned on the pivotal Nurse With Wound list, it remains a little known classic and one of the most unique listening experiences in modern experimental music. Recorded between 1974 and 1976 in locations as diverse as factories, the pyramid opposite Harry Truman's grave site, as well as more "conventional" concert settings, Beyond The Black Crack is a dark, dizzying and exhilarating journey through free jazz, electronics and environmental sound, all shattered by Frizzell's radical tape editing.
13th January 2017
 This is You
Wavelength starts the New Year with more spoken word tracks including one of the strangest that we have encountered so far: 'This Is You proposes a metaphysical feedback loop involving the lens, a broadcast system, biological ocular-centrism and the Sun. Using the birth of user-generated content as the starting point, the work traces the 25-year history of the TV programme Funniest Home Videos in an attempt to describe the prism of existence as solar vanity. This Is You meditates on the desires of the self, bathed in light and rawly exposed without any more intent than being itself.' Australian composer Chris Cobilis set about transcribing episodes of both Australia's and America's Funniest Home Videos to develop an animated graphic score and accompanying script which conceptually speaks of the feedback loop This Is You proposes. The work was performed live in studio by Chicago's Spektral Quartet and American poet Kenneth Goldsmith at Electrical Audio with engineer Steve Albini. Plus Spanish for slow learners; poetry by Jean Luc Parant; and prose by Gerard Rudolf from Orphaned Lullabyes.
6th January 2017