A Merry Little Christmas
After the usual ticking clock introduction marking the inevitable passage of time, we start with Adrift by The Robert Mellin Orchestra from Robinson Crusoe (Christmas Island?), followed by L'Enfance du Christ - Le Repos de la Sainte Famille by Berlioz recorded in 1932. It's Christmas Time; first of two tracks by Sun Ra and The Qualities from a recent issue of all the Sun Ra singles 1952-1991. Tim Etchells and Aisha Orazbayeva; All New Tales of the Time Poor. How Will You Spend Christmas? by Reverend A.W. Nix. Second half of Dead Drunks by Chris Petit (read by Dan Scott). Lahuwahlahu, Faring and Kunna; three short vocal tracks by Rully Shabara. After this, I lose the plot slightly and go into a sort of melange of Capital Decor, Charles Laughton, The Laughing Clown, something with a beat composed by Daniele Cosmo (Motoric Deranged?). Somewhere in this, Enrico Caruso sings Cantique de Noel, recorded in 1916. Happy New Year to all my listeners!
16th December 2016
"An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead" by Konstantin Raudive. An EP which was first issued in 1971 to accompany Raudive's book on the subject and is now 'reissued' but actually its the original record in a new package (Vista/Buried Treasure). Followed by Mordant Music, a red transparent flexidisc which again accompanies a publication: "The Edge is Where the Centre is" by David Rudkin and Penda's Fen: An Archaeology (2015). Beatrice Lillie sings Weary of it All (1939). Stephen Spender recites Subject: Object: Sentence (1964). Spike Milligan and Valentine Dyall discuss Word Power (1961). Rully Shabara performs 3 tracks from Huruf Hidup (Morphine Records 2016). Sun Ra utters I am the Instrument from a new release of Sun Ra Singles, The Definitive 45s Collection 1952-1991. Aisha Orazbayeva and Tim Etchells: A Blind Eye Turning. Last, the end of Theme from Dixie by Duane Eddy.
9th December 2016
 Post Brexit Tour Part Two
Composer frederic acquaviva: and mezzo-soprano Lore Lixenberg perform live in the studio as part two of their Post Brexit Tour.
2nd December 2016
 Ape to Pig
"DU SINGE AU PORC" (APE TO PIG) 2015 56'34"; composition for radio by frederic acquaviva: What does it mean to be a french composer? To be a composer? To be French? To be? What? (World creation of the sound version). In the context of Acquaviva's "Post Brexit Tour", starting and finishing on Resonance, with a performance "Spiritual Exercise" at Speaker's Corner, 27 Nov, 3PM and "Self Portrait Music" for voice and flute on Nov 29th, 7.30pm at City University London (as well as pieces by Luigi Nono, Denis Dufour and Ivo Malec).
25th November 2016
Today's programme features accordionists starting with (1) a short track by "The Singing Molecatcher" John MacDonald; Majuba Hill, recorded in 1974 in the musician's mobile home by Tony Engle and Tony Russell from The Voice of the People edited by Reg Hall. (2) Untitled track by Oscar Haus from Musics in the Margin. (3) Louisiana Blues by Clifton Chenier. (4) Fracanapa by Astor Piazzolla y su Quinteto Tango Nuevo from 'Live in Wien'. (5) Water Above Sky Below Now part 1 by Pauline Oliveros and Ione. (6) The Haughs O' Cromdale by John MacDonald. (7) La Cachila by Luis di Matteo from Tango Contemporaneo. (8) Water Above Sky Below Now part 3 by Pauline Oliveros and Ione. (9) Grupo 83 by Luis di Matteo.
18th November 2016
 Jim Pennington
Jim Pennington, co-founder of Aloes Books in the studio with myself and Clive Graham to discuss Curse Go Back by William S. Burroughs on paradigm discs.
11th November 2016
Since 1995, under the guise of Disinformation, Joe Banks ; artist and researcher, equally active in the audio and visual domains, has undertaken studies on marginal and overlooked areas of sound, such as electromagnetic interference and electrical noise. In Rorschach Audio, a project instigated in 1999 which encompasses research, audio-visual artworks and a 2012 book, he conducts a detailed inquiry into the history of aural illusions and misperceptions, and gathers possible explanations. Much of Banks' attention - in the book and beyond - is given over to EVP (electronic voice phenomena), which consists of words allegedly heard via electrical devices tuned to particular frequencies.
4th November 2016
 The Call
In advance of Halloween: "Black Host" for organ, percussion and tape by William Bolcom from New Music for Organ, 1967, on the Nonesuch label. The title of the Bolcom work takes its cue from the black mass envisioned by St. Secaire who is supposed to have said black mass in the crypt of his church in order to purify that institution of its own sin. Followed by both sides of a white vinyl LP by Dieter Muh and Lon Milo DuQuette: "'The Call' is a shuttle that weaves high magick and high art - an incantation of transcendent sound and angelic language chanted to the guardians of the Aythers so they might awaken and one by one peel away the thirty membranes of consciousness that, like ecrements of the tomb, separate us from the pure consciousness of the divine."
28th October 2016
 The Voice of the Turtle
John van Druten reads from his play The Voice of the Turtle followed by an extract from The Leper and the Prophet by evangelist preacher T.L. Osborn speaking in Trinidad: Evil (i) by Pamelia Kurstin and Sebastian Rochford: Orphee (Theme from the original film soundtrack by Georges Auric, 1949): Basil Rathbone reads The Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe (two identical records played at the same time moving in and out of synch): Trinity by John Zorn from The Last Judgment with the extraordinary and somewhat demonic voice of Mike Patton: Vie by Arthur Rimbaud read by Michel Vitold (Le club francais du disque 1958): Toccata Satanique from New Music for Organ by William Albright: Orphic Revelations-Electronic Purgatorium V by Ake Hodell: finally, another organ track by William Albright; Last Rites (with tape).
21st October 2016
 The Sound of Books
Senate House Library Visiting Artists Programme sponsored by The Leverhulme Trust. Artists' responses to the building, the library and the collections. Senate House was the HQ for propaganda during the second world war and was used in the film of 1984 as The Ministry of Truth. The inaugural residency by Hannah Thompson is presently ongoing: Future artists will include Orlando Harrison and Joe Banks. All three will be present in the studio on Friday along with Nick Barratt, associate director of collections and engagement at Senate House Library, and composer, conductor and pianist; Colin J.P. Homski, music librarian at Senate House. Hannah Thompson will play a live electronic set in the studio. You can visit Hannah in the open studio in the Senate House library every Wednesday. University of London, Senate House, Malet Street WC1E 7HU.
14th October 2016
 Big Boy Blue by Bobby Blue Bland with Barking Bob Parks
Bob Parks returns, riding high on the crest of fame as a result of a BBC4 documentary about him, screened recently and still available on iPlayer. Bob attempts a three way skype with two old friends who were at Leicester Art School in 1969 but in the event we achieve a two way skype with Derek Fye and a telephone connection with John Cassady Carpenter + myself and Sarah in the studio. It wasn't clear who could hear who and conversation was mediated through Bob. Fragmented memories of Leicester (mostly the Art School, not much about the town) occasionally superimposed over tracks chosen by each participant. The tracks include Elvis Presley in his Las Vegas phase, Buddy Holly, Bobby Bland, Son House and Gerry Mulligan. My own choice of Henry Flynt towards the end. Sarah was hung over. Ed Baxter entered half way through with the phone number of John Carpenter who had been waiting patiently for his time to participate.
7th October 2016
 Curse go back
New release on Clive Graham's paradigm label; William S. Burroughs' Curse go back, originally released as a CD with the French magazine; Crash but immediately withdrawn.
30th September 2016
Dan Wilson in the studio to talk about his new release: Radionics Radio - An Album of Musical Radionic Thought Frequencies.
16th September 2016
Switch on War by Charles Hayward, Narki Brillans Goes into Orbit, The Emigrants by Edward Brathwaite, Larn Yersel' Geordie with George House and Mike Neville and three tracks from the EP Third Delivery by Allan Smethurst (The Singing Postman).
9th September 2016
 Seddon tapes resumed
Captain Maurice Seddon in conversation with a slightly inebriated Anna interspersed with tracks from The Unbelievable Glory of the Human Voice featuring Jenny Williams and Thomas Burns in A Faust Travesty.
2nd September 2016
 The Last Straw
Professor Bill Burns presents the second part and second version of his ongoing project; a readymade libretto; the Art Review Power 100 List, a collaboration between Burns and Andrew Zukerman, this rendition sung and chanted by Zoe Alexis-Abrams and John Creson. This week's version is less decipherable than last week's but Gerhard Richter and Beatrix Ruff are discernible in what sounds like a Japanese Kabuki theatre production resulting in what could be a contemporary artist's nightmare. Perhaps Burns wakes up in the middle of the night regretting lost opportunities, wishing he were more important, hoping to attach himself to the great and the good, resembling the Rupert Pupkin character played by Robert de Niro who goes to extreme lengths to supplant Jerry Lewis as The King of Comedy. Burns has so far stopped short of taking hostages. This is detached, third person, "brown-nosing" as art form, a dangerous strategy which could result in loss of identity (if it hasn't happened already). I suspect that the long stretches in the Yukon might have affected this artist's fragile psyche. The cornered Burns becomes defensive and evasive on occasion producing a petulant riposte: "This might be the last time I appear on this programme!". A reading from "Hans Ulrich Obrist Help Us" focusses on a bizarre account of a curator's swollen testicles. This might be the last time that Mr Burns guests on Wavelength. This is the last programme until September.
29th July 2016
 Brown Nosing as Art
The Power 100 list in Georgian Chant, a new radio work in two parts by Bill Burns. Burns has enlisted the talents of singer/composer Alan Gasser and Emma Gasser to chant, Georgian style, the names on Art Review's 2015 Power 100 list. The Georgian chants, operatic hollering and sonic rumblings feature names familiar to aficionados of the world of art, including Hans Ulrich Obrist, David Zwirner, Julia Peyton-Jones, Nicholas Serota, Marina Abramović, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Liam Gillick and Charles Esche. Also featured is a new collaboration between Burns and Andrew Zukerman. Bill Burns live in the studio to explain his theory of "Brown Nosing as Art".
22nd July 2016
 Untitled programme
"Aubade" by Erik Satie with Francis Poulenc on piano. "I Think I'll Call it Morning" by Gil Scott Heron. "Pala Vue Francais" by Cosmic Dennis Greenidge. "Trio Prosodico", a sound poem in 6 movements by Arrigo Lora-Totino performed by Laura Santiano, Sergio Cena and Arrigo Lora-Totino in 1976, originally issued as a cassette tape and now re-mastered and released on Holidays Records in an edition of 250 copies. Finally, "Mue" by Lionel Marchetti as a mini CD; Collection Cinema pour l'oreille, Metamkine.
15th July 2016
 The Invention
Rehearsal for a voice over. Speaking to Hugh on the phone, with Hugh correcting me about a proposed soundtrack to a film about him and his invention that cannot be named.
8th July 2016
 A Hunger Artist
Lotte Lenya reading in English "A Hunger Artist" from the stories of Kafka (Caedmon 1958). A difficult piece to follow, but perhaps not quite appropriately; "Near and Far" by Charles Hayward live in Japan volume 3 (1997), "One" by David Shrigley and Iain Shaw from Awesome (2011). Then a long track, being side 2 of "Orpheus" by Hartmut Geerken recorded in 1996 and now released on vinyl by Holidays Records in an edition of 200 copies. Finally, 2 tracks by Ghedalia Tazartes from "5 Rimbaud 1 Verlaine" also on Holidays Records (2016), originally released on CD in 2006.
1st July 2016
 A stroll through Vienna...
...including Antony Hopkins (not Anthony) talking about Beethoven, occasionally, over and interwoven with timefields and maritides from musicworks, a magazine with sound, two issues from archives edited by John Oswald, sampled and generally confused with advertising the invisible, audio library; the earth is my radio, improvised in the studio by your DJ.
24th June 2016
 Sounds of the tracks
A railway theme to this week's show, starting (and ending) with Pierre Schaeffer's "etude aux chemins de fer" (1948). Next is Harry Partch's "U.S. Highball, musical account of a transcontinental hobo trip" (1943) from The Wayward, recorded in 1958. "Europe - During the War" by Steve Reich from Different Trains (1988, recorded 2005 by The Smith Quartet). Both sides of Chris Watson's vinyl edition of "El Tren Fantasma. The Signal Man's Mix" (2011), interceded (?) by the haunting voice of Chrysta Bell singing "This Train" from the CD of the same name produced by David Lynch in 2014.
17th June 2016
 Roars Bangs Booms...
...45rpm EP by Alessandra Eramo, a vocal interpretation of a selection of eight onomatopoeic words taken from Russolo's manifesto of futurist music "The Art of Noises" (1913) composed by Eramo in 2014. Followed by "Capital Decor" by Stephanie Kiwitt, one sided white vinyl LP (2011), edition of 300 copies. Last, 30 minutes (of 40) of "Lecture a Rieuchaud" (2003) by Jean-Luc Parant accompanied on piano by Marie-Sol Parant.
10th June 2016
 Mister District Attorney...
...solves the case of the money machine, first broadcast on American radio in 1951, complete with advertisements for laxatives and Vitalis hair ointment. Jimi meets Heino (***intosh), Heino himself sings songs of Rio and Mexico, Richard Burton in Henry V, Flanders and Swann relate to hi-fi and a pale blue flexi disc by Tiny Tim.
4th June 2016
 The Arrangement and Care of Flowers...
...from an LP by Constance Spry issued by Recorded Sound Studios, with unintended backing provided by Henri Pousseur and Michel Butor or Pierre Bartholomee, occasional music and words by Adam Bohman, Messerschmitt by Michael Esposito (Recordings based on David John Oates' experiments and theories of Reverse Speech Phenomena), Celebration of The Lizard (An Experimental Work in Progress by The Doors) and ending with Isaac Hayes' By the Time I Get To Phoenix superimposed appropriately with Greek Tragedy by Katina Paxinou and Alexis Minotis.
20th May 2016
Discursos on discs: Pronunciados por el Presidente de Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos; Lic. Gustavo Diaz Ordaz 1967, collides with Robert Ashley's In Sara, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven there were men and women, Yevgeni Yevtushenko reads selections from his own verse, Baku; Symphony of Sirens, and snatches of Gil Scott Heron.
13th May 2016
Continuing with the series of superimposed spoken voice recordings, some unforeseen timbres occur, improvising live in the Resonance studio with vinyl, CDs and audiocassettes. This week features poet Gerhard Ruhm, der Ball ist Rund by Ror Wolf, Brion Gysin, a new CD on sub rosa by Dutch painter Karel Appel (originally released in 1963 as Musique Barbare), a snatch of a play about Emily Dickinson, all preceded by a lesson in German pronunciation; a 2 EP box set found in a Leicester charity shop.
6th May 2016
 Berlin Wall/Pfizer
Spoken word (mostly) montage; Pfizer double EP diagnosing depression/Tex Yearout on the perils of Communism/Roedelius/German language lessons/Ruttmann's Weekend remixed/the end of Studio Nine/Anna Russell on bagpipes.
22nd April 2016
 Spoon River Anthology etc.
An eclectic montage of mostly spoken word tracks, not necessarily in this order: David Hindmarch; The Long Trick. Henry Flynt; Central Park Transverse Vocal 1-4. Uncle Bouqui of Haiti read by Augusta Baker. Jimmy Robert; Suspended closure, suspended. Karl Holmqvist. John T. Gast. Acid Brass/What Time is Love [Version P-Royal Oak Mix], and Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters performed by the UCLA Theatre Group. Appreciated by one listener who described it as "fairly bonkers".
15th April 2016
 The Spoken Word
More spoken word tracks, with one or two exceptions, starting with an echo of the Wavelength theme tune; Big Ben Calling by Flotsam (B.C. Hilliam) and Jetsam (Malcolm McEachern), followed by an echo of the coughing introduction by Charles Bukowski. Then, Canadian sound poet Paul Dutton; For the Letter That Begins Them All,H (for bp). David Greenberger and 3 Leg Torso; Ask Einstein. More Bukowski from a pirate CD; Bukowski and the Beats. John Christie and John Berger exchange letters about blackness from I Send You This Cadmium Red with Gavin Bryars, followed appropriately by Blacknuss by Roland Kirk. Reminiscence by Paul Dutton. Side 2 of an EP; Illuminated, which features the voice of John Malkovich followed by more Malkovich collaborating with artist Juan Munoz and Alberto Iglesias on the CD; A Registered Patent, A drummer inside a rotating box.
8th April 2016
 The Human Voice
A collage of spoken word tracks including Ingrid Bergman reading Cocteau's The Human Voice, joined by The Investigator; a political satire in documentary form by Reuben Ship, followed by Le Bel Indifferent recited by Edith Piaf with three interruptions by William Burroughs, a snippet of Harry Partch and random snatches from Farewell to Studio Nine.
1st April 2016
 in no particular order
...spoken word overlaid and superimposed, sarah webster fabio, matana roberts, winter family, ricky leech, buzzard lope, longmeg, the grubby mitts, andy holden, the pop group, paddy roberts, hans arp, aisha orazbayeva and tim etchells in no particular order...
18th March 2016
 The 6th Beatle
Several tracks by Klaus Beyer; cover versions of Beatle tracks which would have been produced by the late George Martin. An Open Letter by Victor Lundberg. The Battle of Budapest, excerpt from the United Nations Report of the Special Committee on the Problem of Hungary, narrated by Commander-in-Chief of the Freedomfighters Forces Major General Bela K. Kiraly. The Navigators from The Poetry and Voice of Marilyn Hacker. Long After Tonight is All Over by Simon Critchley.
11th March 2016
 Alternative Government
Francis Stuart, Irish poet, talks about his own life, being side two of an LP issued in 1982: "Alternative Government". Followed by Fugs founder member Ed Sanders on a 10" vinyl "Yiddish-Speaking Socialists of the Lower East Side". Yevtushenko recites "Monologue of a Beatnik" in Russian.
4th March 2016
The Begotten (William Fowler, Mark Pilkington, Jo Roberts and Justin Harries) play live in the studio: an improvised score to "Begotten", an experimental gothic horror film made in 1990 by Elias Merhige, described by Susan Sontag as one of the 10 most important films of modern times, and still banned in Singapore.
26th February 2016
 54 pages...
Brief intro referring to Godard retrospective at the NFT plus an appeal for funds for the Resonance annual fund-raiser, followed by Paddy Roberts, Mae West, Ernst Jandl, John Furnival, Owen Sound and Karl Sprenger.
19th February 2016
 Gerhard Ruhm and the Wiener Gruppe
Sound poetry by Gerhard Ruhm, one of the founder members of the "Wiener Gruppe" (Viennese Group). Ruhm: "...a group began to form which later became known as the Wiener Gruppe. Initially its common basis was by no means a binding, defined programme but above all personal attachment and pleasant harmony. Faced with general disinterest and violent rejection, we were friends who all wrote poetry and appreciated each other".
12th February 2016
 Noise as New Politics
A new release of a limited edition 10 inch vinyl record by two Chinese artists: Yan Jun and Torturing Nurse, both of whom are included in the Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008, a 4 CD set produced by Sub Rosa. The recent vinyl is published by Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam.
5th February 2016
 John in a Cage
After the exhibition at Chalton Gallery, Chalton Street, London, 23-24 January 2016 curated by Helena Lugo and Cristina Ramos. The exhibition was composed of a series of performances and a display of works in the spirit of John Cage. Sauteed mushrooms were served alongside a soundscape created by the interaction of the audience with radios located in the gallery. In the Resonance studio today were curator Cristina Ramos, composer Sara Rodrigues and musician Gabriele Cavallo. Live phone connection to composer Richard Melkonian. Engineered by Michael Umney.
29th January 2016
 Sunday in the Park with George
DJ Hybridist aka Sandra Cross introduces a selection of tracks from Stephen Sondheim's musical "Sunday in the Park with George" featuring the remarkable voice of Mandy Patinkin, (co-star of "Homeland"). The musical is based on the painting by Georges Seurat "Sunday on La Grande Jatte" (1884).
22nd January 2016
 Space Oddities
I was never a fan of David Bowie but my friend John (Cramphorn) was and took to wearing eye make-up and carrying a vague 'handbag' with a fish motif on it. He would drink Prince Ruperts, a sort of brandy cocktail, but played Rugby and worked as a tyre fitter to prove to his father and perhaps himself that he could be manly as well. A sideways look at the Bowie phenomenon, starting with a trailer for The Alamo. Rumour has it that David Jones took the name Bowie in 1966 after the frontiersman and contemporary of Davy Crockett, famous for his knife; the Bowie knife. Early Pye singles and flipsides, Major Tom by The Space Lady and a complete a cappella version of Ziggy Stardust by artist Susan Philipsz.
15th January 2016
 The Decline and Fall of the Popular Song by Anna Russell and the miserable five.
...now Tugby, once a village of 300 people, boasts a Cycle Cafe serving lattes, cappuccinos and panini. Across country, via a gated road to Goadby, Glooston and Church Langton to Market Harborough; the Oxfam record shop, comedy and spoken word section; grown up music by Paddy Roberts, and an LP which inspired today's programme: Anna Russell with Jimmy Carroll and his miserable five, interwoven with tracks by Florence Jenkins, and the opera scene from Citizen Kane, so some played for laughs, some inadvertently funny and some just deluded. Introduced by The Big Dee Jay by Paddy Roberts and Winkle Picker Shoes by Bernard Cribbins, the flip side of Hole in the Ground. English comedy, I feel a series coming on...
8th January 2016