Cecilia and dried milk.
Seddon tapes recently unearthed, including an emotional exchange with sister Cecilia Foley, speaking from Rome in 1992, in which she explains how she prefers to spend time with "normal people" rather than her only brother. A lengthy and pedantic conversation in which Maurice attempts to order dried milk, and some almost seasonal music from Maurice's cassette hoard; Viennese music hall from the 1930s and German schmaltz from the 90s.
18th December 2015
 The Red Suede Jacket Part Two
A memoir of the 1960s with John Nixon (Jel), observations by Steph Raynor and Bob Hughes. Incidental music by Hopscotch Boulevard (Jel Nixon; percussion, Lee Spreadbury; keyboard) plus tracks by Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, Mose Allison and others. Edited by Dan Wilson.
11th December 2015
 Fresh Seddon Part Two
In which Captain Seddon shops around for a valve for his "hand-propelled two wheeled trolley" and encounters someone "ultra-modern" who refuses to give his surname. A conversation with Salah whose window was broken by a madman with a vodka bottle. A view over waterlogged fields. Interspersed with seasonal music by Dickie Valentine, Billy Fury and Donald Swann sings Songs of Faith and Doubt by Sydney Carter.
4th December 2015
 Fresh Seddon
A new season of Seddon tapes... from the previously unearthed batch of approximately 100 audio cassettes recorded by Maurice at the now demolished Datchet Cottage. "All things must pass" as someone said (though originally it was "all things must come to pass" which seems to mean something else). Most of these tapes seem to be telephone conversations between Maurice and Anna Stubbs. Today's programme includes an altercation between Anna and Maurice, and also a fairly delirious exchange with Cecilia (Maurice's sister).
27th November 2015
se8 Gallery is pleased to present graft, an exhibition by the Berlin-based British artist David Edward Allen. His works examine notions of space, contrasting wilderness with managed terrain. The exhibition consists of two new works that have evolved over several years. Pear tree presents a series of photo-collages and drawings depicting the results of the process of grafting branches from one tree onto another. The action, however, is an aesthetic one, the trees becoming artworks whose growth is determined through addition and subtraction, forming a living bricolage. Allen describes his methodology as 'a kind of reversed sculptural process by removing material from the space in which it has formed.' The distinction between the natural world and cultivated land is reprised in the video harvest, which shows silent footage of a large tree being felled. As the screen fades to black the sustained howl of the chainsaw, produced as a separate audio-track, fills the gallery space. Its tone is aggressive and relentless, rising and falling as it encounters knots of resistance; it upsets the human ear and sentiment, since we reserve special affection for trees. The wood is in fact a managed resource. Trees are grown in a sustained manner to be harvested and sold, to be turned into furniture or pulp, as required. Shorn of its object status, a tree becomes simply wood, reduced to materiality and commercial gain. Allen's work points to a symbiotic relationship between nature and culture, giving equal weight to both. Here, the world as a poetic, unknowable entity exists side-by-side with a prosaic and managed eco-system, sustained by the human hand and guided by the twin principles of aesthetics and capital.
13th November 2015
 Cassette Culture
Various tracks which originate on audio cassette, starting with a new release produced by Philip Sanderson; Ice Yacht, pole of cold. Then a lengthy Audio Arts release from 1977; "Box" by James Coleman (edited and produced by William Furlong), plus a couple of unlikely advertisements from Radio Archival Oddities, followed by The Way You Look Tonight by The Pointy Birds (1987, John Edwards, David Fitzgerald and Stephen Blake), and a track from Volcano the Bear's first release which was an edition of 25 cassettes (1996). Finally, Paul Bowles reads Up Above the World, the first release from Bill Laswell's META label (no date).
6th November 2015
...Parks reflects on his birthplace in Southall and reads extracts from his ongoing lecture on Malevich, Moreau and Hogsnort Grunt.
30th October 2015
 Hen Party
Paul Martin brings a selection of chicken related records: If You See My Rooster (Please Run Him Home); Memphis Minnie, 1936. Little Red Rooster; Howlin' Wolf, 1961. Little Red Rooster; Sam Cooke (featuring Billy Preston on organ), 1963. Little Red Rooster; The Rolling Stones, 1964. Chicken Rhythm; Slim Gaillard, 1938. Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens; Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five, 1946. Chicken Stuff; Hop Wilson and His Two Buddies, 1958. Chicken Walk; Hasil Adkins, late 50s. Run Chicken Run; Link Wray, 1963. The Funky Chicken; Rufus Thomas, 1969. Funky Chicken; Winston Groovy, 1969. Dixie Chicken; Little Feat, 1973. Best Dressed Chicken in Town; Dr. Alimantado, 1978. Like Irregular Chickens; Kid Koala, 2000. The Truncated Life of a Modern Industrialised Chicken; Matthew Herbert, 2005. Free Range Chicken; The Happiest Guys in the World, 1996.
23rd October 2015
BBC Sports Report; Billy Wright's 100th cap; Wright spent his entire career with Wolverhampton Wanderers, but played as a non-registered guest for Leicester City during World War II. The Daydream Club; The Record Shop; Leicester band, song recorded for Record Store Day 2011, but didn't make it to the shops in time. Godson; 6 Million Funky Angels, Leicester label, Traver Gold Records. Human League; Blind Youth, mentions Richard III, discovered in a Leicester car park and buried in Leicester Cathedral. Albatross Conspiracy; Fall, solo project of Tanya Byrne, one-time bassist of Leicester band Maybeshewill. Legay; The Fantastic Story Of The Steam Driven Banana, Leicester band. Nancy Dawkins; Poison, Leicester artist. John; Blind This Time, Leicester artist. Leicester; Speechless, alias of Leicester artist Leroy Small. Inner Ear; Dunkelfunk, Leicester band; song recorded at BBC Radio Leicester. Monkey Magic; Hall Of The Monkey King, Leicester label, Deep Water Recordings. Alan Jenkins And The Thurston Lava Tube; Radio Pen, Leicester band and Leicester label, Sorted Records. The Originals; Steven On The Radio, Leicester band. Yellowbelly; Blood Tainted Love, Leicester band featuring Gaz Birtles, saxophonist with The Beautiful South. Jamie Says; Jamie Says, Leicester band. AFS; Mothers' Day Part II, Leicester artist. Monoboy featuring Delores; The Music In You, theme tune for Around The World In 80 Raves, a TV series following six people from Leicester partying across America. One of them has been a sound engineer at Leicester venue The Shed, where Saracuse, who became Kasabian, played their first gig in 1998. Sandra Cross; The MMs Bar Recordings, recorded on trains to and from Leicester. Leicester City Football Club; This Is The Season For Us, the team of 1974, featuring Peter Shilton and Alan Birchenall. Live set by DJ AFS.
16th October 2015
 Gasometers Part Three
Professor Nicky Hamlyn in the studio, describing his entry to the London Film Festival: "Gasometers Part Three", and playing various examples of systems music. Nicky is the author of Film Art Phenomena. He recently broke his toe on the island of Porquerolles where Godard filmed Pierrot Le Fou blowing his head off against a Mediterranean sky.
9th October 2015
 what the point is: the end of the line
Artist and writer, Tamarin Norwood and Nico Oliveira from se8 Gallery, in conversation with William English on the occasion of Tamarin's exhibition "what the point is: the end of the line" and the release of a limited edition vinyl single to accompany the show. se8 is an independent gallery based in South-East London. Since 2009 it has worked closely with established and emerging artists in the UK and abroad, supporting them in the production and exhibition of new works and publications. Tamarin Norwood is an artist and writer. Recent UK commissions include Tate Britain, Art on the Underground, Modern Art Oxford and the London Word Festival; international exhibitions include MOCCA Toronto, ICA Philadelphia, Beton7 Athens and AC Institute New York. Recent art writing and fiction includes publications by the ICA, Live Art Development Agency and Bloodaxe, and her latest artist book 'olololo' was published by Modern Art Oxford with Book Works studio. Tamarin studied linguistics and medieval Italian literature before training as an artist at Central Saint Martins and Goldsmiths, and is now completing a practice-led doctorate in Fine Art as an Oxford University Clarendon Scholar.
2nd October 2015
 Top Nice
Guy Gormley and Tom Bush from Top Nice in the studio to talk about their distribution and events and play tracks by RAP, Paul B. Davis and others.
25th September 2015
 Heated Gloves
Heated Gloves plus "La Voix Humaine" by Jean Cocteau interpreted by Madame Berthe Bovy, June 1930.
18th September 2015
 New Season
A new season of Wavelength. Grandpa Sorrow Part 2 from a new CD by the thrash band from Thetford called William English (no relation). "Discours de Reception a l'Academie Francaise" by Jean Cocteau (1955) and a live recording by Suicide from September 1978 in Hamburg.
11th September 2015
 Short Wavell Lengths
Recordings incorporating short wave band radios including William Basinski and John Cage plus Comme a la Radio by Brigitte Fontaine Areski, interspersed with extracts from The Art of Radio by Stuart Wavell, a Ceylon Broadcasting Corporation training manual published in 1969. Wavelength will be resting until September.
24th July 2015
 The Damned
Bulletin from Weymouth and Portland with soundtrack from The Damned by Joseph Losey which used Weymouth as a location, field recordings from the area including the Portland Bill foghorn, and music by Gerald Finzi set to poetry by Thomas Hardy.
17th July 2015
Symphonie Number 4: Juvenal (2001), by the founder of Lettrism; Isidore Isou. Orchestration and realisation by Frederic Acquaviva. Released as a CD on al dante 2004. The piece lasts 62 minutes so unfortunately the beginning is 'cropped'.
10th July 2015
 Apricot Cafe
Restaurant review of Apricot Cafe at the corner of Denmark Place and Charing Cross Road. "The Coming Thaw" from a CDR by Henny Moan and "Slow House Mix" by Paul B. Davis.
3rd July 2015
 Lust and the Apple
Bob Parks versus polymath curator Paul Robertson of Lust and the Apple Gallery in a philosophical grappling match around totalitarianism.
26th June 2015
 Say it with flowers
Artist Gerry Smith in the studio to talk about his current exhibition at the Danielle Arnaud Gallery. Bob Parks turns up on the wrong day and gatecrashes the programme.
19th June 2015
 Riotous Assembly
Mostly purchased at the London Artists' Book Fair two weeks ago, today's show includes two tracks by the Johnny Parry Chamber Orchestra; Rebuild it Piece by Piece, and Movement VI (Romantic Statements). How Wheeling Feels When The Ground Walks Away by James Hoff which is recordings of the sound of riots on vinyl. Vaduz by Bernard Heidsieck. A short track by Heather Phillipson; Splashy Phasings. And MEGAPNEUMIES by Gil J. Wolman from L'Anticoncept.
12th June 2015
 Radio Relay
DinahBird's Radio Relay : "It is not a race," DinahBird explains, "quite the opposite. It is a playful protest against the way sound is propagated in the digital age. The idea is simple. I have made a piece of radio pressed to vinyl, due out on the German label Gruenrekorder on the 15th November (2014). It is the story of a box, a leather box that is over eighty years old and has lived in three different countries, and on two different continents. It contains over fifty 78 rpm recordings of classical music and opera hits of the day. The box and its contents were inherited by my grandmother who was born on the Gulf Islands, British Columbia, in 1910. She grew up on Salt Spring. She took the box with her when she left the island in 1925 and carried it to her various adult homes until her death in 2000. In September 2012 I retraced the box's long journey and took the records back to the island where they were first played. This is the main piece A Box of 78s = 24 mins, on the other side is a series of locked grooves. I would like the same copy of the record to be relayed between the different partner radio stations, so that no single broadcast sounds the same. The radio station or programme maker therefore has to agree to receive the record, play it within a certain time frame, and then send it on by post to the next radio station. The scratches formed en route will become part of the piece, mirroring the journey my grandmother's records made."
29th May 2015
Composer Frederic Acquaviva in the studio with collaborator; mezzo soprano Lore Lixenberg.
22nd May 2015
 God in Hackney
Andy Cooke in the studio to talk about Junior Aspirin Records.
15th May 2015
 Arts Policy?
Interviews on the phone with Baroness Jane Bonham Carter of the LibDems and then Peter Whittle of UKIP. Asking them about their policies on art and culture. (250 TV channels providing 24 hour porn, shopping, and Hitler in Colour but nothing like Channel 4's Ghosts in the Machine which broadcast in the 1980s showcasing artists' film and video...).
1st May 2015
 Election Fever (cough)
Wavelength attempts to climb on the Election bandwagon with this opening interview with Tom Chance, Green Party candidate for Lewisham West and Penge, and London co-chair. Next week we approach Peter Whittle of UKIP and Jane Bonham-Carter of the Liberal Democrats.
24th April 2015
 A Close Shave
DJ Hybridist aka Sandra Cross sharing her thoughts about Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber, specifically the production by Tooting Arts Club running until May 16th in a replica of Harrington's Pie Shop on Shaftesbury Avenue.
17th April 2015
Nicky Hamlyn in the studio to talk about his one person show Zoetrope and brings along a guest; Laura Morsch-Kihn with her fanzine: Le Nouvel Esprit du Vandalisme. Tracks by Bruce McClure, music for triangle by Alvin Lucier and finally Derek Bailey with drum and bass.
10th April 2015
 Ramming Speed
Good Friday, repeats Easter Sunday. Starts with the scene from Ben Hur where the galley slaves are whipped into achieving ramming speed or die. Charlton Heston survives on hate. Which came first; the chicken or the Easter egg?
3rd April 2015
 Mixed Bag
A fairly mixed bag of odd cover versions and non sequiturs including Walking on Sunshine by Dan Wilson from his latest CD, several tracks compiled by Felix Kubin from an anthology of German home tape recordings of the 1980s including a strange version of Everybody has something to hide except for me and my monkey which nudged me towards Jealous Guy by Donny Hathaway and other Beatles covers, plus Angela (Davis) by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and a long polemic on Revolution by Galaxia.
27th March 2015
 Hello Bob
Performance artist and gospel guru, Bob Parks, continues with his circuitous perambulations on and around twentieth century aesthetic theory and politics, driving on the wrong side of the ring road, taking in Malevich via Harold Melvin and killing his mother on the way by falling asleep at the wheel.
20th March 2015
 Lettre Rock!
Hybrid Lettrist poetry/rock n'roll from Maurice Lemaitre. Most tracks from an album released by Algha Margen in 2014 in an edition of 240 copies (project co-ordination, mastering and liner notes by Frederic Acquaviva).
13th March 2015
 International Womens Day
First broadcast on Friday 6th March and set to repeat on Sunday March 8th which happens to be International Women's Day. Carole Finer also known as Carole Chant, artist and occasional performer with The Scratch Orchestra, occupies the studio before me on Friday, hosting Sound Out. Carole is a woman. I invited her to remain and play records of her choice. Some people think this is incestuous.
6th March 2015
Mostly Christian Marclay whose exhibition at the White Cube runs until April, but also including forerunner Milan Knizak (Broken Music circa 1964), Fuckintosh (Jimi meets Heino) and Jimi Hendrix (I don't live today). The Hendrix track is the basis of Ghost performed by Marclay in 1985 at the Kitchen, New York on an adapted turntable slung around his neck and improvised with/on sort of in the style of Hendrix pushing the instrument/implement to the limit perhaps.
27th February 2015
 Art Theory
Bob Parks continues with his lecture on totalitarianism and art: "Part two will be about affect as the language of Generation X and the active subconscious alongside Heidegger's uncanny. More Reich (Wilhelm, not Steve), Moreau (Gustave, not Jeanne), neuro-phenomenology, Tim Berners-Lee bedfellows with Malevich and Netscape Communications sharing stables with Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, Mussolini and Franco - spirituality with love versus money with violence and force".
20th February 2015
 Love is on the air
Friday 13th, pre-Valentine's Day, Fund-Raising mix including Gertrude Stein, Boz Scaggs, Gil Scott-Heron and other tracks selected by Sandra Cross and myself. Repeated on Sunday at 9am as usual, the morning after the night before.
13th February 2015
DJ Hybridist aka Sandra Cross presents the second of a series around Stephen Sondheim, this week focussing on the play Company. First seen on TV with the screening of the Donmar's 1995 production directed by Sam Mendes and starring Adrian Lester as the lead character, Bobby, DJ was captivated by the final scene in which Lester dances like Gene Kelly and sings the life-affirming, 'Being Alive'. This led back to the original 1970 Broadway cast recording and the film of this by the documentarian D.A. Pennebaker in which the iconic Elaine Stritch sings 'Ladies who Lunch' with biting scorn and contempt. This is set against the discovery of Pamela Myers who delivers a coruscating 'Another 100 People' a song describing the near impossibility of finding a mate in the metropolis. In his book 'Finishing the Hat' Sondheim describes how he came across this quote by Chekhov: 'If you're afraid of loneliness, don't marry.' 'Luckily', says Sondheim, 'I didn't come across that quote 'til long after Company had been produced. Chekhov said in seven words what it took George (Furth, the writer of the book Company) and me two years and two and a half hours to say less profoundly. If I'd read that sentence, I'm not sure we would have dared to write the show, and we might have been denied the exhilarating experience of what he said, for ourselves.'
6th February 2015
 Bob Parks and Malevich
The unique Bob Parks delivers a lecture:"From Gustave Moreau to Kasimir Malevich: The unexplored side of totalitarianism - with Galina Ustvolskaya: Dies Irae, extracts from Victory Over the Sun and The National Independent Gospel Singers of Atlanta, Georgia - to back it up. Great chance with The Adventures of the Black Square at the Whitechapel and Rubens and his Legacy at the RA to set Malevich and the Symbolists into some kind of social context, with special attention to the Black Voice and the active subconscious," all delivered in Bob's individual style with digressions and non sequiturs. Bob is the subject of a film by Marcus Hed and Nathaniel Mellors, presently being edited for broadcast on BBC4 in the Spring. A trailer for the film can be seen here: Bob Parks with a fleeting glimpse of me in the Resonance studio towards the end.
30th January 2015
 Finishing the Hat
DJ Hybridist, aka Sandra Cross presents the first in a series on the lyricist and composer Stephen Sondheim. Starting with West Side Story, this week's programme traces the beginnings of Sondheim's career, the huge influence of two major figures: his mentor and surrogate father, Oscar Hammerstein 11 and Milton Babbitt, who taught him composition.
23rd January 2015
 Listen Whitey!
This programme starts with two tracks from Blowing Stones by Jam Money, a new vinyl LP sent to me by Mat Fowler and Kevin Cormack, their latest release on Spillage Fete Records. Then the Shahid Quartet's invitation to Black Power from the CD Listen Whitey! Suspended closure, suspended, by Jimmy Robert which starts out as spoken word and ends with singing by Gert Hohmann (2009). Eldridge Cleaver distancing himself from Timothy Leary, his house guest in Algeria (Listen Whitey!). H-Town K H-Town by Karl Holmqvist, a strangely hypnotic spoken word LP on the White Columns label which sounds like it was recorded backwards (?) (the flip side of this was played last week). Then Roy Harper sings I Hate the White Man, recorded live in 1969 at Les Cousins Folk Cellar in Soho. Last, sounds from Honey-Suckle Company and Konrad Sprenger from the artists' record Non Est Hit (2006).
16th January 2015
 January Sale
First show of the new year coincides with a manhunt in France for satire killers. Satire which set out to be "inane and nasty" with a magazine originally called Hara Kiri. Today's show includes Sounds of Japanese Doomsday Cults, a strange single by Anthony Newley and Delia Derbyshire, some more Negativland and a long spoken word track on the White Columns label; NYC Romance Mash-Up by Karl Holmqvist, 2014.
9th January 2015