Just One Second
The annual Wavelength Christmas show including a short story "Just One Second", a taped conversation between Anna and Captain Maurice Frank Henry Urguhart Necom Seddon (Royal Signals, retired, actually deceased in March of this year) in which they discuss where they intend to go for Christmas lunch. The Toby at Langley is mentioned which is where I went with Maurice on several occasions. You could load up from a buffet/carvery as much as you could possibly pile on to a large plate and Maurice certainly knew how to make a substantial heap. Plus tracks from Florence Jenkins who was incapable of singing in tune, Nina and Frederik, Negativland from a double CD which comes either with a Bible or a Koran, and an obscure track by The Band. Merry Christmas!
19th December 2014
 Stave Length for Wavelength
On today's show artist and writer David Price returns to Wavelength with the latest episode of an ongoing radio play produced specifically for the occasion. He will also discuss current projects and read from some experimental texts in progress, and introduce some musical interludes...
12th December 2014
 Bob Parks Christmas Show
Bob Parks live in the studio presents some contemporary gospel music and raps about religion.
5th December 2014
 Dirt and Bobby Driscoll.
Several weeks ago, Ed Baxter, director of Resonance, asked me if it was possible to see a copy of "Dirt", a film made in 1965 by underground filmmaker, poet and publisher of the Dead Language Press; Piero Heliczer. Ed was specifically interested in child film star Bobby Driscoll who appears fleetingly in "Dirt", dressed as a nun. This section of the film is only available as a 16mm print, ("Dirt" was originally made as a 3 hour standard 8mm epic, according to Tom Raworth who wrote Heliczer's obituary in The Independent). Today, at the Science Gallery we will run the silent 15 minute version titled "Dirt, Bath Sequence", distributed by LUX London. Bobby Driscoll appears at the beginning and end of the film and this was his last film appearance. "On March 30 1968, two children were playing in an abandoned tenement building in the East Village (New York), and found the body of Bobby Driscoll lying on a cot with two empty bottles of beer and a number of religious pamphlets scattered nearby". This programme includes Ed Baxter's reflection on Bobby Driscoll, spoken by Irish story-teller Willy Carr and accompanied by the Resonance Radio Orchestra.
28th November 2014
 Spacey Bruce Lacey
This week's guest on Wavelength is William Fowler , the British Film Institute's first dedicated curator of artists' moving image. Since joining the BFI in 2005 he has undertaken a number of film restoration projects, seasons and DVD releases. He conceived and co-programmes the BFI Southbank strand Essential Experiments and co-conceived and co-programmes with Vic Pratt the popular monthly programme The Flipside; he also presents films internationally. He has written for The Guardian, Sight & Sound, Eikon and Framework, as well as BFI Screenonline and the Mediatheques. His curatorial projects have included Gazwrx: The Films of Jeff Keen, Here's a Health to the Barley Mow and Visionary Landscapes - the last presented with LUX. His BFI DVD and film season The Lacey Rituals: Films by Bruce Lacey (and Friends), which featured a brand new film by Nick Abrahams and Turner Prize-winner Jeremy Deller, was launched in 2012. The programme will focus on The Spacey Bruce Lacey , Film Music and Improvisations (Trunk Records 2014)
14th November 2014
 Angel in the Dark
The beautiful and immensely talented Sandra Cross also known as DJ Hybridist concludes her three part eulogy to singer/songwriter Laura Nyro.
7th November 2014
 Tribute to Jack Bruce (1943-2014)
Sixty minutes of Jack Bruce who died on 25th October 2014. Two tracks from 1964 with the Graham Bond Organisation, Politician from Goodbye Cream 1969, Weird of Hermiston from Songs for a Tailor 1969, Folk Song from Live at the BBC 1977 (and later; We're Going Wrong from the same album), Desire Develops an Edge 1983, Vertical's Currency 1985, and Exotica 1992 (all with Kip Hanrahan) and finally Reach for the Night from Silver Rails 2014.
31st October 2014
 Film of the Same Name
Film of the Same Name follows Philip Sanderson and Steven Ball as they revisit the haunted landscapes of their 1980s film trilogy Apostrophe S. The film melds the filmmakers' revisiting of the locations of the original films, a workshop re-enactment, and topographic animation, all set to a soundtrack of newly composed songs and music with fragmentary echoes of the earlier films.
24th October 2014
 Morgan Fisher and Margaret Honda
Morgan Fisher and Margaret Honda in the studio discussing Margaret's new film Spectrum Reverse Spectrum which was just screened at the London Film Festival, and Morgan's film practice since the 1960s.
17th October 2014
 Chumlum etc.
Musics in the margins 3, a new compilation on sub rosa including Cosmic Dennis Greenidge and others. Ursula Bogner, D.J. Harvey (Wildest Dreams) and Angus Maclise, including the soundtrack to Chumlum by Ron Rice (1964).
10th October 2014
 Laura Nyro 2
DJ Hybridist (Sandra Cross) continues with her survey of singer/songwriter Laura Nyro.
3rd October 2014
A one off intervention by the phenomenon known as Professor James Tregaskis.
26th September 2014
 Laura Nyro 1
DJ Hybridist introduces part one of a series devoted to singer/songwriter Laura Nyro.
19th September 2014
Instrumental by Ramzi Aburedwan, songs by Amal Murkus, DAM, interspersed with tracks by Muslimgauze and Werner Kodytek (Austria, from ReR Records Quarterly Vol.2 No.4).
1st August 2014
 Home Care
Sandra Cross aka DJ Hybridist in the studio to present her sound work: Home Care.
18th July 2014
4th July 2014
 Bob Parks discusses Malevich
Bob Parks, performance artist and usher, discussing a documentary being made about him. Members of the film crew choose their favourite rhythm and blues tracks, and eventually Bob explains Kasimir Malevich with passing reference to George Fullard and Pol Pot. The film; The R&B Feeling will be shown on BBC4 minus one scene proposed by Bob in which he would have mixed his own semen with the ashes of his dead mother. Instead, the ashes were turned into bread and formed in the shape of a cross. Bob has a website, somewhere...
27th June 2014
 Space is the Place
Sun Ra would be 100 this year. The Futurists performed Luigi Russolo's Art of Noise at the London Coliseum in 1914 and to honour the centenary, Resonance director Ed Baxter has restaged the concert at the Science Museum. Ed Baxter, Sun Ra and Maurice Seddon were all born on May 22nd. 60 minutes of Sun Ra music including the rarity "I am Strange".
20th June 2014
 In perpetuity...
The first 'official' Wavelength in 2005 (preceded by a few Clear Spots) featured Hugh de la Cruz talking about his perpetual motion invention which he had been developing for ten years. He chose a pseudonym; Alan Bridges, as a defence against being silenced by the powers that be who will want to prevent the development of perpetual motion as it will make existing energy sources obsolete and bring about the collapse of petro-chemical industries etc.. Today is the last of four Wavelength broadcasts from the Science Museum and so I invited a curator from the Science Museum to come along and debate perpetual motion with Hugh. As Hugh has been consistently frustrated by the responses to his invention over the years it seemed a good opportunity for him to move the project along. The Science Museum were unable (or unwilling) to provide anyone to discuss the topic, the unspoken subtext being that it is a subject which attracts timewasters and cranks. Hugh suggested that he would only take part in the programme if he could speak for ten minutes on the telephone to one of the curators. This would allow him to explain the theory behind his invention and ascertain if they would give him a fair hearing. To date, Hugh has been obsessed with this idea for eighteen years. I recorded my preliminary discussion with Hugh during which he became increasingly intransigent and eventually the proposed meeting fell through. Today's programme consists of the original thirty minutes from 2005 followed by the recent thirty minute conversation. So, for the time being, the world will have to muddle through without perpetual motion.
13th June 2014
 Ephemera with Dan Wilson.
Dan Wilson, artist in residence at Resonance talks about books, ephemera and radionics.
6th June 2014
 Adam Bohman Music and Words 2
Clive Graham joins me at the Science Museum in front of the Exponential Horn to discuss the latest release on his paradigm label: Adam Bohman Music and Words 2.
30th May 2014
 Professor Walter Hayman
Wavelength broadcasts this Friday at 15:30-16:30 from the Science Museum as part of Aleks Kolkowski's project; The Exponential Horn. Guest will be Walter Hayman, Professor of Mathematics at Imperial College, London.
23rd May 2014
 Cecilia Foley continued
Continuing reel to reel tapes, Maurice Seddon's account of his sister Cecilia's inebriation, report to sanatorium, letter to Cecilia making it clear that they cannot live together, Apollo splashdown. Hancock.
16th May 2014
 Cecilia Foley
Late September 1957. Maurice Seddon travels to Italy in his vintage Rolls Royce to visit his sister Cecilia. During his stay he keeps a record of the endless cocktail parties and socialising resulting in Cecilia's total inebriation. To be continued...
9th May 2014
 Real to real...
First in a series of reel to reel Seddon tapes. Mysterious content. Some date from 1950. Some are unplayable due to age. 1969; a lease on Datchet Cottage is discussed. Six thousand pounds will have to be borrowed. A conversation in German between persons unknown. Various invoices and ephemera to and from Maurice are read out. Ends with Maurice speaking into a microphone in his bathroom. Sounds of splashing water, brushing of teeth, talking to himself in German.
2nd May 2014
 Grave Strength
Artist and writer David Price presents episode four of his ongoing radio play and describes his latest writing projects including a book placed secretly in a second hand bookshop in London.
25th April 2014
 Message to My Friends
Good Friday (repeats Easter Sunday). The ticking clock. 1; Winding Up by Dorothy Norwood from the double CD Holy Spirit; Spiritual Soul and Gospel Funk from Shreveport's Jewel Records. 2; Part 1 of Kyriades by Bernard Wisson from Ondes Martenot, Thomas Bloch performs. 3; A Mover (Place in the Sun) Boss Soul, 12 Poems by Sarah Webster Fabio. 4; This Train by Chrysta Bell and David Lynch. 5; Nightmare by Lindsay Cooper from Ondes Martenot (as before), this track featuring the voice of Phil Minton. 6; Message to My Friends by The Violinaires also from Holy Spirit. 7; Mare Teno by Michel Redolfi from Ondes Martenot (as above). 8; Putin Zassal by Pussy Riot. 9; The Upper Way also by The Violinaires from Holy Spirit. 10; Five Variants of "Dives and Lazarus" from Orchestral Works by Vaughan Williams.
18th April 2014
 Musique Tachiste
Musique Tachiste by Michel Magne. First issued in 1957 and now the debut release on the Cacophonic label, described as one of the earliest full-length (29 minutes) experimental French concept albums, presented here in its entirety. The second half of the programme consists of three versions of I Say A Little Prayer written by Burt Bacharach; the original by Dionne Warwick, an instrumental version by Roland Kirk from the album Volunteered Slavery and finally A Better Tomorrow + I Say A Little Prayer (Roland Kirk version) from Ground-Zero plays Standards.
11th April 2014
 Corpses from Hell
Today's guest is Maxwell Paternoster who I met at Maurice Seddon's funeral. Maxwell made a motorbike from parts bought from Maurice. He is also a video artist and illustrator, besides being a member of Corpses from Hell , a sort of postmodern Hell's Angels devoted to unique hand made eccentric motorcycles. The show features recordings of engines at Bonneville salt flats and reminiscences of Maurice Seddon's scrapyard garden.
4th April 2014
 Radio Seddon
Today's show is a continuation of The Seddon Tapes in the aftermath of the funeral of Captain Maurice Seddon Royal Signals (retired), at Slough crematorium on Monday 24 March. Erika informs Maurice in German that George W. Bush was an alcoholic. Maurice orders red clover and Emu oil. A social worker approaches me at the wake and offers me the ashes of Maurice's sister, Cecilia, discovered in a plastic bag on the mantelpiece of Datchet Cottage.
28th March 2014
 Captain Maurice Frank Henry Urquhart Necom Seddon (Royal Signals, retired).
Monday March 24th 12 noon Slough crematorium. On the eve of Maurice's final "adieu" as he was fond of saying, the dulcet tones continue to drift out on the airwaves. This episode includes persistence with directory enquiries, a Baby Belling salesman and a lengthy discussion with Erika in German touching on Art investment at the turn of the century (19th). Our revels now are ended. These our actors, As I foretold you, were all spirits, and Are melted into air, into thin air: And like the baseless fabric of this vision, The cloud-capp'd tow'rs, the gorgeous palaces, The solemn temples, the great globe itself, Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve, And, like this insubstantial pageant faded, Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff As dreams are made on; and our little life Is rounded with a sleep. (Prospero, The Tempest Act 4, scene 1).
21st March 2014
 Captain Maurice Frank Henry Urquhart Necom Seddon (Royal Signals, retired) May 22nd 1926 - March 5th 2014.
Continuing with the Seddon Tapes; mildewed and dust encrusted cassette recordings of telephone conversations that Maurice would record over years. Maurice's home for 50 years was Datchet Cottage, now demolished, and from whence these tapes were salvaged. This particular cassette presents a lengthy talk with a W.P.C. who shows remarkable patience as Maurice reports missing puppies, a stolen bath chair, and in passing, the case of the stolen unique and irreplaceable officer's ceremonial sword. To quote Maurice: "Now where do we go from here?"
14th March 2014
 Maurice Seddon and Pussy Riot.
Our long time contributor and friend of 30 years; Captain Maurice Seddon (Royal Signals retired) died on Wednesday March 5th. Today's programme starts with a brief exchange of memories with Sandra Cross followed by the original agenda for today's programme: International Women's Day (Saturday 8th March) featuring Pussy Riot and related tracks. A more extended tribute to Maurice will follow. Anyone wishing to attend his funeral (date yet to be decided) can contact me via the email address below.
7th March 2014
 Cover Versions
DJ Hybridist aka Sandra Cross presents cover versions of Love Will Tear Us Apart, Stormy Weather and Dark End of the Street.
21st February 2014
 DJ Hybridist...
...plays germane tracks for Valentine's Day played against a backdrop of rising water and raising funds. Includes Boz Scaggs and Lisa Frazier, Blue Nile, Laura Nyro, The Elgins, June Tabor, Joan Osborne, Paul Buchanan and Chaka Khan.
14th February 2014
 Variations of John Cage Variations
Two recordings of John Cage Variations IV played simultaneously.
7th February 2014
 Archives of Experimental Film Avignon
Interview with experimental filmmaker Rose Lowder and Alain-Alcide Sudre; co-founders of the Archives of Experimental Film Avignon.
24th January 2014
 Bob Parks. Respect for Pol Pot.
Bob Parks in the Resonance studio, listens to, and comments on, an interview recorded in Birmingham at his exhibition there last year.
17th January 2014
 Remnants of Paris etc.
A new season of Wavelength which now starts at 14:45 on Friday and repeats on Sunday at 9:00am. Kaddish for Superman by Yom and the Wonder Rabbis. Murdering the Old Ones by Die Trip Computer Die. Incantations by Louis de Meester which includes a 'lettriste' text by Isidore Isou. 3 tracks by The Space Lady aka Susan Dietrich, a celebrated figure in outsider music.
10th January 2014