W.C. Fields delivers a Lecture on Temperance and drinking a glass of water. Plus a variety of seasonal tracks.
20th December 2013
 Wig eats glass
Richard Thomas and Jonathan Bohman in the studio introducing a recorded interview they made with film historian Daniel Bird in which they discuss Walerian Borowczyk, the distinguished Polish film director (1923-2006).
13th December 2013
 Knave Tenth
Artists Tom Benson and David Price speak about the Minds Meet event that closed the exhibition Mind Rhymes at Hidde Van Seggelen Gallery in October. The programme begins with a radio play made for the event, Wind Signs, and closes with a radio play made for Wavelength, Knave Tenth.
6th December 2013
 hungry i jazz scene
Dinner Jazz by The Monk Brothers from Leicester recorded in The Hungry i Pancake House in the 1960s, alternated with tracks by artist Martin Kippenberger.
29th November 2013
 Slovenly and Dirty Music
Artists' Music: Jean Dubuffet on a new Sub Rosa double CD; Coucou Bazar 1973-78. Steven Parrino; Electrophilia, Black Noise Practitoner 2004. Lawrence Weiner's words performed by the Art Critics Orchestra 2011. Kranke Fuchs by Klaus Weber 2004. Peter Weibel and the Hotel Morphilia Orchestra. Martin Creed; Thinking/Not Thinking 2004.
22nd November 2013
 Heidegger and Rhythm and Blues?
Bob Parks recorded in Birmingham at the Grand Union Gallery.
15th November 2013
 The Seddon Tapes
Captain Maurice Seddon (Royal Signals retired) in telephonic conversation with Anna, Ruth, Erika and anonymous person enquiring about herbal remedies and Marconi. Discussion about John who is demented and assaults Anna and Ruth in a lift believing himself to be Hitler. Klaus Beyer sings Etwas (Something) + German poetry from Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Josef Weinheber.
8th November 2013
 Seddon Tapes Resumed
Wavelength returns with chapter 2 of The Seddon Tapes. Recorded telephone conversations with Anna. Plus musical interludes from The Yodelling Comedians.
1st November 2013
 And the Heavens Cried
The inimitable Bob Parks in the studio talking about his exhibition at the Grand Union Gallery, Minerva Works, Birmingham.
27th September 2013
Clive Graham in the studio to talk about the latest release on his paradigm discs label Semi-Kolon
20th September 2013
 Technicolor Skull and other works for Theremin
Technicolor Skull features avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger on theremin with Brian Butler on percussion, a one sided red vinyl record released in 2012 in an edition of 666 copies. Followed by Lydia Kavina playing theremin on Percy Grainger's Free Music No.1 (1936) Free Music No.2 (1937) and Beatless Music (1937) and a 1996 composition by Vladimir Komarov; Voice of Theremin. Then, two tracks by contemporary thereminist Pamelia Kurstin with percussionist Sebastian Rochford from the 2011 CD Ouch Evil Slow Hop. Finally an extract from Vanity Kills by Mark Stewart which also features Kenneth Anger on theremin.
13th September 2013
 Seddon Tapes 84,4,15,21,16 (extracts)
Captain Maurice Seddon (Royal Signals, retired), verbally abused on Boxing Day, haggles with dissatisfied customer, remonstrates with solicitor about noise abatement, struggles to make dental appointment without paying compulsory fee, and explains how his domicile is uninhabitable by any normal standards. Extracts interspersed with tracks from Clara Rockmore's Lost Theremin Album.
26th July 2013
 Weavelength part three.
Chris Weaver with Dennis Greenidge, legendary outsider artist and cassette practitioner. Rare live performance by Dennis who performs Jack Jones a cappella.
19th July 2013
 Weavelength part two.
Chris Weaver with Dan Wilson
12th July 2013
 Weavelength part one.
First of three collaborations with Resonance technical supremo Chris Weaver, hence Weavelength, who brings Adam Bohman in to the studio to perform spoken word/text duets and discuss cassette culture.
5th July 2013
 Sound of Snow
Professor Nicky Hamlyn, filmmaker and author of Film Art Phenomena is here with me today to peruse the sound works of Michael Snow, colossus of avant-garde film.
28th June 2013
 Tribute to Bob Parks' mother
Bob's tribute to his mother who died recently in a car accident. Bob fell asleep at the wheel. Tracks by Harry Secombe, Solomon Burke, The Intruders and others interspersed with Bob's eccentric 'rapping' about voodoo, sexual abuse and externalism.
21st June 2013
 Art of War
Guy Debord Enregistrements Magnetiques (1952-1961) published by Gallimard with 2 CDs.
14th June 2013
Steam Cars Captain Maurice Seddon telephones America to obtain workshop manuals for steam cars + music: Julie Rousse; Flesh Barbie Techno Fuck. Israel Martinez; Mi Vida. Joseph Nechvatal; Ego Masher. Bird Palace; PHing. John Wiese; New Wave Dust. Handsome Family; Eels, and Frogs. Robert Piotrowicz; Lincoln Sea Ice Walk.
7th June 2013
 Or an Island or a Boat
Artist Tina Gverovic and director of SE8 Gallery Nico d'Oliveira in the studio to talk about Tina's 7" vinyl record or an island or a boat
31st May 2013
 Seddon Tape 142
Captain Maurice Seddon (Royal Signals, retired) remembers Kurt Hahn and his days at Gordonstoun School with various digressions and sound checks. Another cassette tape rescued from the ruins of Datchet Cottage.
24th May 2013
 Sacred and Profane
Bob Parks brings more rhythm and voodoo to the studio, with silent witness Alain-Alcide Sudre, not quite silent brother Tom Parks in town for the funeral of their mother, and a two man film crew documenting Bob's journey through time. Tracks by Joe Cocker, Little Richard, Graham Bond and something by Millie Jackson which had to be faded out due to profane language.
17th May 2013
 Color Him Coma
The guest musicians on this double CD set issued by paradigm are many and varied, but it's all put together by Gus Coma, Lepke B's dwarfish cousin, who renounced show-biz to work as a Heavy Goods Vehicle driver. The material here is the strangest and most experimental music to come from the It's War Boys scene.
10th May 2013
 Business Lunch
Business Lunch: "The album arose over a couple of months whilst we had a couple of friends crashing on our floor for a bit. There's roughly four constant members and about ten people all told involved on the entire thing - friends who were passing by or around whilst we were writing and improvising. We recorded it all on a four track tape machine. We're looking for someone to release it". 10 tracks, 30 minutes. Followed by Julianna Barwick and Ikue Mori Frkwys 06 (The Sound of White Columns) 2010. Julianna Barwick will perform at The Purcell Room on June 18th as part of Yoko Ono's Meltdown.
3rd May 2013
 The Long Goodbye
Three practitioners of time based media, formerly known as avant-garde or experimental film, discuss the future of film in the digital age: William Raban, one of the foremost British experimental filmmakers of the last 40 years, David Leister, proprietor of the Kino Club, and Nicky Hamlyn, author of Film Art Phenomena.
26th April 2013
 Systems Music
A welcome return to Nicky Hamlyn, our resident film theorist, continuing the conversation about time based media and systems music.
19th April 2013
 Double Jeopardy
Bob Parks' mother recently died in a car accident. Bob was at the wheel. This week also sees the demise of Margaret Thatcher. Bob runs through a series of Pop records which have influenced him.
12th April 2013
 Rock and Other Four Letter Words
Talking to Clive Graham, boss of paradigm discs about Rock and Other Four Letter Words, the only release by J. Marks and Shipen Lebzelter. Originally released in 1968, the recordings are centred around out-takes from interviews conducted by Marks for use in his book of the same name. The book is largely a collection of photos of rock bands taken in the 1960s by Linda Eastman accompanied by quotes from each featured band.
5th April 2013
Talking in the studio on a cold Good Friday with Professor Nicky Hamlyn, maker of rigorous experimental films, author of Film Art Phenomena, and teacher at the University of Creative Arts. This programme starts a short intermittent series of broadcasts which will look into the demise of film labs, the endangered species: 16mm film, and medium specificity. Nicky brought some film related tracks including Michael Snow, Rob Gawthrop, Tony Sinden and Bruce McClure. "Telly", now one of my favourite films, can be found on Vimeo along with other films by Nicky Hamlyn.
29th March 2013
 Preaching the Blues
Number four from a series of six, including Speech by Jesse Jackson, Constipation Blues by Screaming Jay Hawkins and others from the Bob Parks back catalogue of tracks which have influenced him.
22nd March 2013
 Experiences Musicales de Jean Dubuffet
"The Musical Experiments of Jean Dubuffet, a set of 20 pieces recorded in 1961 and released the same year as a box containing six 10" Vinyl-Records in an edition of 60 copies. In 1991 nine of those 20 pieces were reissued on the CD Experiences musicales de Jean Dubuffet ou la Musique chauve. A new Double-CD set, subsequently titled Experiences musicales de Jean Dubuffet (II) collects the remaining 11 pieces from the original box and thus makes the reissue of Dubuffet's musical experiments complete and available to the public again. Dubuffet's music is as raw and uncompromising as when he recorded it more than 50 years ago." Preceded by Adham Fisher's Mothers' Day, a mysterious, accidental, bedroom electronica that's March's equivalent of a Christmas song, followed by a track from Tony Oursler's remix of soundtracks from the exhibition Lock 2,4,6.
15th March 2013
 Music and Words by Adam Bohman
Clive Graham in the studio talking eloquently about the latest CD on his paradigm label: Music and Words by Adam Bohman, originally released in 1999 and now seemingly ripe for a relaunch. In anticipation of this programme's repeat on Sunday at 9am which happens to be Mothering Sunday or Mothers' Day, Clive and I have worked in a few appropriate tracks starting with my own choice of a nauseatingly cloying track by the German child prodigy nurtured by nuns: Heintje whose European hit "Mama" is here rendered in Dutch from the double LP "Goude Ouwe" (Golden Oldies).
8th March 2013
 Bob Parks Rhythm and Blues Part 2 (Instrumentals).
You Did It You Did It, Roland Kirk. Cross Firing, James Brown. Crazy She Calls Me, Jimmy Giuffre. St. Thomas, Sonny Rollins. Well You Needn't, Thelonius Monk. Little Brother Groove, King Curtis. W.R.U., Ornette Coleman. Walk on the Wild Side, Jimmy Smith.
1st March 2013
1. In memoriam E. Power Biggs by Adam Bohman with prerecorded Hammond organ by Michael Prime. 2. At midnight I will say I love you, poem by Billy Childish. 3. Sun Lounge by Dinos Chapman. 4. Poems by Billy Childish, Malcolm Mooney and Carol Batton. 5. Comme ca by Roedelius and Christopher Chaplin. 6. Where's the General? by Dinos Chapman. 7. Space Dance by Ergo Phizmiz. 8. Smeyes by Dinos Chapman. 9. Mouths of Lead by Israel Quellet. 10. Omozap Master Side B by Jeff Keen. 11. Liverflush by Kadmon. 12. The Last Drones by Israel Quellet. 13. Rayday by Jeff Keen.
22nd February 2013
 Bob Parks Rhythm and Blues Part One
Part one of an intermittent series over the next three months. This first programme includes pleas for money for Resonance in between tracks, this being fund-raising week! To donate or bid in the Resonance auction go to www.resonancefm.com After today's broadcast, Bob drew a portrait of me on the back of his LP on the Junior Aspirin label. This will be auctioned off as well as 3 Tefi cassettes signed by Captain Maurice Seddon; Tyrolean music, playable only on an obsolete TefiFon player (1955). The only known signed multiples by Captain Seddon.
15th February 2013
 Fontella Bass
Today's programme features tracks by soul/gospel singer Fontella Bass who died last year at the age of 72. Her brother, singer David Peaston also died last year aged 54. Their mother was Martha Bass, gospel singer. Fontella was married to the noted jazz trumpeter Lester Bowie and they both performed with the Art Ensemble of Chicago.
8th February 2013
 Speaking Clock.
More extracts from The Seddon Tapes including elaboration on the subject of Heated Clothing, a lengthy description of the side effects of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), offered as advice with emphasis on suicide, and Maurice's own version of a speaking clock which he would play to himself to monitor how long he had been under a sun ray lamp in his home-made solarium: an aluminium lined room with overhead lamps encrusted with decades of accumulated dust. Then a recording of a telephone conversation in French with a camera repairman near Avignon about a Beaulieu camera. This last recording is played over Duett Paik/Takis from the CD; Works 1958.1979 by Nam June Paik.
1st February 2013
 Seddon Tapes 62 and 63.
Captain Maurice Seddon (Royal Signals retired) in telephonic conversation with a producer of the Johnny Carson Show who struggles against Maurice's intransigence and also his improvised telephone system which only allows one person at a time to speak, making interruption impossible. Followed by a lengthy and pedantic audio letter to an American, who, having seen Maurice on the David Letterman Show contacts him about Heated Clothing. Recorded on cassette in 1989.
25th January 2013
 HMV radiogram test.
Continuing with The Seddon Tapes, this week numbers 127,128 and 129 of the mildewed cassettes rescued from Datchet Cottage, the home of Captain Maurice Seddon (Royal Signals retired) for over 50 years. Today's tapes have the word Kurdistan printed boldly across both sides and are possibly only of interest to Seddon completists being performance tests of a 1945 HMV radiogram 1609 recorded in April 1993. Maurice laboriously works his way through the Long Wave, the Medium Wave, 3 Short Wave channels before finally testing the turntable. The result is a cross section of radio broadcasts producing unrepeatable juxtapositions. The original tapes last two and a half hours and have been overlapped here to fit into 60 minutes.
18th January 2013
 Vintage Food
Tape 44 of the Seddon tapes. Captain Maurice Seddon speaks at length with what may be a hoaxer or an imbecile or an imbecilic hoaxer. Maurice placed an advert in a newspaper asking for a chest freezer to join the vast amount of chest freezers already in his garden. The freezers contain vintage food i.e. bags of food remnants frozen solid way beyond their sell by date. A caller responds apparently based in Chester. Most people would hang up after 5 minutes but Maurice continues for 30. Followed by Simon Critchley's single Long After Tonight Is All Over + locked groove by John Cussans; Heavenly Choir by The Canton Spirituals and a cassette release by Slow Listener (The Long Rain).
11th January 2013