Christmas Part Three
Bob Parks and the Recreationals live in the studio performing a festive rendition of We Free Kings in the style of Roland Kirk (who I saw once at Ronnie Scott's when he performed Blacknuss and had an acrimonious altercation with a white member of the audience about Black Power and the lyrics of Blacknuss causing aforementioned white person to walk out muttering about how it wasn't jazz as he knew it...) followed by a diatribe by Bob and ending with a loud (and quiet) version of Silent Night.
16th December 2011
 Christmas Part Two
Well the cover says 30 Organ Skating Favourites, George Stone at the Organ but this has been roughly painted over with white, silver and red paint, three leaflet/prints attached with string and a cassette tied with red tinsel to the front. A strange Xmas compilation album just received. From the cassette; Xmas Medley by the New Acorns followed by Theme from Cannibal Holocaust by Cave Bears. From the LP; Santa Descending a Staircase by Bromp Treb and Deck the Halls by S.O.P.. Then 2 tracks by Morgan Fisher who I wrongly assumed to be the structural filmmaker who recently had a show at Raven Row but turns out to be another Morgan Fisher who apparently played with Mott the Hoople before pursuing a solo career in a bedroom studio in Notting Hill. The two tracks are Deck the Halls (again) and O Come All Ye Faithful (remix) from Hybrid Kids 2 (Claws) originally released in 1980 and now available again as a double CD. Finally; Ave Maria from Clara Rockmore's Lost Theremin Album.
9th December 2011
 Christmas Part One
The next three programmes are all devoted to Christmas music, some of which is strange, some of it downright morbid and some which is hopefully uplifting. Today's track list: Joy to the World by M.V. Mathews from the 1962 LP Music from Mathematics played by IBM 7090 computer and digital to sound transducer; Xmas 1952 by Karen Kato from I.D. Art Number 2 (Paradigm Discs 2007); 3 tracks from the series Blues, Blues Christmas including Death might be your Santa Claus by Rev.J.M. Gates followed by 3 tracks in a lighter vein; Everybody's gone Christmas by Sandra Tavernier and Steve Beresford from Joyeux Noel on Nato; Silver Bells by Moon Duo (45rpm single on Holy Mountain) and finally Just like Christmas by Low.
2nd December 2011
 Artists' Records?
This week's programme incudes records as Art by artists whose primary activity is Art, such as Pipilotti Rist (presently exhibiting at The Hayward Gallery), Cranfield and Slade whose 12" record "12 Sun Songs" is on yellow vinyl with no label thereby resembling the sun itself, and records by recording artists whose main activity is producing music. Can you hear the difference? Tracks, not in order of playing; Soundtracks de las video instalaciones de Pipilotti Rist, Pulled Over by Paul A. Rosales and R. Stevie Moore, Sunrise and Red Rubber Ball by Cranfield and Slade from 12 Sun Songs (This record is part of the artists' book series by Christopher Keller Editions and second in a series of artists' records produced by the Or Gallery Vancouver), To Err is Human by The Godz from Pass on this Side, originally recorded in the 1970s and then released in 1998.
25th November 2011
As usual, the Wavelength clock chimed eleven today; Friday 11th of the 11th month 2011 so today's programme features 11 tracks in a countdown from 11 to zero. I failed 'O' level Maths so I've had to cheat a bit... track 8 includes track 4 and the first track by The Stanley Brothers is called "Molly and Tenbrook", actually second track as we've already had eleven... and this was recorded in 1948, originally released as a 78rpm record on the Rich-R-Tone label. Track number 9 is William Burroughs from Break Through in Grey Room; "K-9 was in combat with the Alien Mind Screens" (1965) and will have to be faded out otherwise we won't reach zero in time. Track 8, counting down, or track 3 or 4 counting the clock, includes track 4; "Eight Men, Four Women" by O.V. Wright which refers to a jury not an orgy. Track 7, number 7 of 11 on this 11th day of the 11th month 2011, is "7 Consonants in Space" by Lily Greenham. Track 6 is "Six Six Sixties" from Throbbing Gristle's Greatest Hits. Track 5 is "Five Long Years for One Man" by Odea Mathews recorded in Louisiana Penitentiary in 1959. Track 4, or number 8 in the running order was, if you remember, also track 8 which was track 4 in the running order, by O.V. Wright who was born in 1939 and died in 1980, so we will move on to track 3; "Three Times a Fool" by Otis Rush recorded in 1957, followed in quick succession by tracks 2,1, zero; "You Can't Love Two" by Ike and Tina Turner, a white label 45rpm single by Rude Ass Tinker which samples "One" by Nilsson and finally "Nothing" by Contraption Number 37.
11th November 2011
 Not talking to myself...
Interview with William English
4th November 2011
 MP3 Deviation
This week's show includes a track by Yasunao Tone from the CD MP3 Deviation: "The MP3 Deviation album contains pieces that are results of the collaborative research by a team of the New Aesthetics in Computer Music (NACM) and myself, led by Tony Myatt at Music Research Center at the University of York in UK in 2009. My idea was to develop new software based on the disruption of the MP3. Primarily I thought the MP3 as reproducing device could have created very new sound by intervention between its main elements, the compression encoder and decoder. It turned out that result was not satisfactory. However, we found that if the sound file had been corrupted in the MP3, the corruptions generated 21 error messages, which could be utilized to assign various 21 lengths of samples automatically. Combining with different play back speeds, it could produce unpredictable and unknowable sound. That is a main pillar of the software. We, also, added some other elements such as flipping stereo channels and phase inversing alternately with a certain length of frequency ranges, which resulted different timbres and pitches. I performed several times at the MRC and I was certain that this software would be a perfect tool for performances. I have tentatively performed the piece in public in Kyoto, May 2009 and in New York, in May 2010. I also performed it successfully with totally different sound sources when I was invited for The Morning Line in Vienna in June 2011".
28th October 2011
 Rave Slime
A carefully planned programme which still managed to go slightly wrong. The deliberate mistake being that Rave Slime by Evol starts at 33rpm instead of 45rpm which affected the schedule. James, engineer at Resonance, preferred it at 33rpm and said he liked it so perhaps nothing to worry about. Both sides of Rave Slime are interrupted by four tracks from the soundtrack of "Drive" a new film which I haven't seen. The score is by Cliff Martinez.
21st October 2011
Saturday 15th October sees the start of Occupy the Stock Exchange, an ongoing protest which started on Wall Street a few weeks ago. By next Friday the Bank of England will be in ruins, the Stock Exchange will be rubble and The Square Mile will be a desert. Today's programme starts with Joy from a new CD by David Shrigley and Iain Shaw; Feet Live Their Own Life by Langston Hughes; Truce by Shrigley and Shaw; Western Omelettes by The Bohman Brothers and finally Dancing in the Sun by Winter Family from Red Sugar, their latest release on SubRosa.
14th October 2011
A regular customer, called Richard, came in to the book shop where I "work" and asked me how to pronounce the name of the artist Peter Doig to which I facetiously suggested "Do-ig". He thought that with my Dutch connection I might have suggested "Doigh" but as Doig isn't Dutch or Flemish this was fairly illogical. I had always thought that Doig was Canadian but actually he was born in Scotland. At this point, a woman who was in the shop browsing through catalogues and ephemera relating to failed artists, joined in and said: "My friend wants to marry Peter Doig. She was taught by him in Stourbridge. The problem is that he's already married, has five children and lives in Trinidad". Richard looked thoughtful and I asked him if he would be buying the book on Volker which he had nearly finished reading. The tracks this week are L'Amour est Belle by Chantal Robette; Wapusk by Kathleen Edwards; The Way it Will Be by Gillian Welch; Republique by Winter Family, a duo from Jerusalem and Paris featuring the voice of Ruth Rosenthal and a short track by Martha Grunenwaldt.
7th October 2011
 Salad Nicoise.
It seems that this link erroneously plays the Messerschmitt programme. This will hopefully be corrected soon. Ten past six in the evening, a cafe on Nice beach. A hazy day has made the horizon disappear and the normally azure sea blends into a light grey sky. Occasional swimmers, stark and sharply focussed. A man with a close-cut beard, maybe thirty years old, is wading clumsily over pebbles into the water accompanied by a girl, maybe nine or ten, in a crimson swimsuit. He sits in the shallows to pull on plastic shoes. She splashes him, calls out "Papa" and remains close by his side. He stands upright again, takes a few more steps into the sea and then swims back to the shore, just three strokes, stands, the girl joins him again. Something about his movements, the direction of his face, the slight hesitation. She calls "Papa" and they both laugh. She takes his hand and now it's obvious that he's blind. La Chanson Dada by Tristan Tzara and Georges Auric performed by The Hafler Trio, Manoir de Mes Reves from Gitane by Charlie Haden and Christian Escoude, Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg by Christian Marclay and Ubiquitous by Dennis Coffey all played over/under recordings made in Nice.
30th September 2011
 Let England Shake.
...back in Syston Health Centre, the muzak in the waiting room is now playing "Have you seen her" by The Chi-Lites. Fight the Flu with a quick simple jab. Your mystery pain could have a name. Low immunity, are you at risk? A voicemail from the Nu Swift fire extinguisher service engineer. Sorry about the fiasco last week, will I be in tomorrow morning? No. An email from my brother who is in New Orleans working on a remake of Point Blank starring Jennifer Lopez. The delay between analogue and digital. You need a scart cable, a set top box and a new remote control. Market Harborough has a short platform. Does it matter if it's 15:05:00 or 15:05:01? MM's Bar by Sandra Cross, Wall Street by Van Dyke Parks, Three Hundred Grams of Latex and Steel in One Day by Evol, 3 tracks from Let England Shake by P.J. Harvey.
16th September 2011
 William English and William English
Googling my own name, first past the post is William Hill Bookmaker even though I've Googled William English. Second by a short head is William English filmmaker and broadcaster (me) and then running into third place by a nose is William English Post Punk group from somewhere near Thetford. The idea of a group calling itself William English is quite strange and intriguing. I briefly surmise that a group of Estuary Post Punks are avid Wavelength listeners and are so impressed that they decide to call themselves after me but it turns out they've never heard of me and are named after William English Walling the radical American socialist. After contacting the group I now have a printed tee shirt with two crossed flintlock pistols and William English emblazoned across the front and a CD. William English, the group, have a new CD coming out soon and they will be guests on the programme in October. Playlist: Nelson's County from Home by William English (not me) 2010. Sequence of short ads from 78rpm Victrola Favourites. Melancholy, debut single from Louise and The Pins (featuring Martha Wainwright). Chair, debut single by Big Deal. Never in my Life, by Mountain. Final Alert (Euro Jaxx) by Mixed Bizness. Monad by Bruce Gilbert. Beauty Strange by Louise and The Pins, flip side of debut single.
9th September 2011
I recently screened my short film “Mini-Cars” in a garden behind the Danielle Arnaud Gallery. The film features Messerschmitt bubble cars along with Goggomobils, Peels, Trojans, Heinkels and various other miniature vehicles, two examples of which I once owned. To accompany the film I played a CD called “Messerschmitt” by Michael Esposito which employs recordings based on David John Oates’ experiments and theories of Reverse Speech Phenomena. The CD was released in 2010 by Firework Edition Records. Michael Esposito is a descendant of Alfred Vail who invented Morse Code and several early telegraph devices with his partner Samuel Morse. Another ancestor, Jonathan Vail was office manager and assistant to Thomas Edison in his later years when Edison attempted to develop a device for communicating with the dead. Over the years, under the Phantom Airwaves institution, Michael has participated in hundreds of paranormal investigations all over the world. He has conducted extensive research at many active locations and has developed a great deal of unique theory and devised many unique experiments within the field of Electronic Voice Phenomena which is basically the recording of inexplicable voices. Focusing primarily on EVP research, he has collected tens of thousands of EVPs and video. Working extensively with EVP's relationship to experimental music, Michael combines EVP with field recording and related frequency tones of research sites. Michael is currently published by Touch Music UK. I’ve recently been in touch with Michael Esposito and hope to have him on as a guest probably in October. It is worth remembering that the Messerschmitt had a unique reversing system which involved stopping the engine and then turning the ignition key anti clockwise which restarts the engine in the opposite direction. For the skilful or foolhardy this offers the interesting possibility of travelling just as fast backwards as forwards because of course top gear can be engaged with the engine spinning in either direction.
2nd September 2011
 Martin Kippenberger Musik 1979-1995
Music by German artist Martin Kippenberger from the CD issued by Edition Krothenhayn. There are 21 tracks in all, about half of which are straight jazz (Kippenberger's passion was swing music, expansive, pompous, big band jazz) and a fairly bland version of Bang Bang which I find less interesting than the more experimental tracks played here today starting with "Ja, Ja, Ja, Nee, Nee, Nee" a tongue in cheek hommage to Joseph Beuys.
26th August 2011
 Pete Challis side 2
Side 2 of Pete Challis cassette recorded at the Nigel Greenwood Gallery in 1978.
19th August 2011
 Electric Music by Pete Challis
Side one of a rare cassette recording of Electric Music by Pete Challis from a performance at the Nigel Greenwood Gallery 5/7/78 - 22/7/78. When the gallery went bankrupt in the 1990s boxes of stuff from the gallery were auctioned off at Sotheby's. I bought a tea-chest of mixed items; artists' books, LPs by Yves Klein "Prince of Space" and a few cassettes including the Pete Challis.
12th August 2011
 Rarely Heard Music by Dieter Roth
Canciones de Cadaques, Barks from Cadaques, Hundelieder by Dieter Roth and Richard Hamilton plus a collage of extracts from Dieter Roth Books and Multiples published by Hansjorg Mayer.
5th August 2011
 Obscure English Lettriste and some Artists
Pepys' Diary by Benny Hill (1961). Flight by Dryden Goodwin (2006) and Catriona Shaw sings Baldessari sings LeWitt re-edit Like a Virgin by Loao Onofre from the LP The Half-Shut Door (2011 SE8 Gallery) followed by Tony Conrad and Alexandria Gelencser 'live in Austin, Texas 1999' on Beta-Lactam Ring Records.
30th July 2011
 Poemes et Musique Lettristes
Records by Maurice LeMaitre reissued in 1971. 2 EPs and a single. The first EP was originally issued in 1958 in an edition of 100 copies, the second was issued in 1966 as "Maurice LeMaitre presente Le Lettrisme". Accompanying the 1971 reissue is a single which is completely silent entitled "Le Crochet" with the instruction to the listener to engrave the vinyl.
22nd July 2011
 Bob Parks and The Recreationals
Bob Parks and The Recreationals live at Raven Row Gallery, Artillery Lane, London. As part of the exhibition curated by Ed Baxter at Raven Row: Gone with the Wind; Max Eastley, Takehisa Kosugi and Walter Marchetti and broadcasts from the gallery by Resonance 104.4fm, Wavelength became Ravelength for the duration of the show. This week's guest was Bob Parks and his band playing live followed by an interview with Bob whose diverse career moves include Leicester Art College, The Church of God in Christ (COGIC), The Gong Show, extra in New York New York by Scorsese, Auctioneer's assistant and much more. Since 1991 Bob has worked as a Host at the South Bank and the 6 piece band The Recreationals also work as Hosts at the same venue.
15th July 2011
 Ravelength from Raven Row
Dieter Roth: Die R adio Sonate, The R adio Sonata. The original LP was published in 1978 by Lebeer-Hossmann, Brussels and Hamburg and edition Hansjorg Mayer in a signed edition of 300. In 1995 Diter Roth produced a signed and numbered CD edition of 100 which vanished in mysterious circumstances. For this he rewrote two texts added a few words and fitted them to the CD format.
8th July 2011
 Nicky Hamlyn and Conor Kelly
Filmmaker and author of Film Art Phenomena Nicky Hamlyn and artist Conor Kelly talk about the disjunction between sound and image, displaced sound and their collaboration at Wilton's Music Hall. Recorded at Raven Row for Gone with the Wind.
1st July 2011
 The MMs Bar Recordings
Artist Sandra Cross in conversation with Jonny Trunk about the MMs Bar Recordings: Making weekly rail trips between London and Leicester, Cross taped hundreds of buffet announcements, editing them into this 30-minute piece. Focusing on the small, usually unvarying list of fare generates a maddeningly mundane musicality. Seven minutes in, the unprecedented unavailability of hot drinks seems catastrophic. Different announcements, with vastly different emphasis and emotional resonances, can sound indefatigably enthusiastic about the Quavers/water combos, or audibly defeated. Marking the announcements as individual tracks might have offered infinite random variations, but it is fitting that we endure this album as the artist intended. (Stewart Lee review; Sunday Times Culture Section 17.07.11).
24th June 2011
 Ravelength from Raven Row
Nicolas de Oliveira talks about Artists' Soundtracks, Unit 7, the Museum of Installation and the SE8 Gallery
17th June 2011
 Ravelength from Raven Row
Mathieu Copeland and Cally Spooner
10th June 2011
 Jack Bruce
One of the greatest bass players of all time Jack Bruce is one of the first wave of British blues musicians. His career reads like a who's who of British blues and includes Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated, Graham Bond Organisation, John Mayall's Blues Breakers and Cream. 1: Two Heartedly, To the Other Side, from Vertical's Currency (1984). 2: The First Time I met the Blues, from Graham Bond Organisation recorded at the Railway Hotel, West Hampstead in 1964. 3: Folk Song, from BBC Live in Concert 1977. 4: Velasquez, from Desire Develops an Edge (Kip Hanrahan 1983). 5: We're going wrong, also from Live at the BBC. 6: All Us Working Class Boys, also from Desire Develops an Edge.
3rd June 2011
 Audio-films (for radio).
1. "Weekend" by Walter Ruttmann was a pioneering sound work commissioned in 1928 by Berlin Radio Hour. In a collage of words, music fragments and sounds, on 13th June 1930 the avant-garde film-maker Walter Ruttmann presented a radically innovative radio piece: an aural impression of a Berlin weekend urban landscape. In Ruttmann's own words "Weekend is a study in sound-montage. In Weekend sound was an end itself." Before making Weekend, Ruttmann had produced the experimental documentary Berlin-Symphony of a Great City as well as a number of short, experimental abstract animated films. Ruttmann sought possibilities for producing an audio-film for radio. "Everything audible in the world becomes material," he wrote in a manifesto in 1929, anticipating Schaeffer, Varese and Cage. For Weekend sounds were recorded on optical sound film using the so-called Tri-Ergon process. The broadcast was never repeated and the original was lost until rediscovered in New York in 1978. In 2000 a CD was issued called Weekend Remix including 'to rococo rot' Berlin 98 version and that is the track played. 2. This track is an excerpt of Journey number 1 by the little known artist Jack Ellitt, born in England, but brought up in Sydney Australia. The vinyl record it comes from was pressed in 1954 but it is believed that the original dates from the 1930s when Ellitt was working with Len Lye on an unfinished film that evoked space travel. Apparently Ellitt's music came before the film concept and acted as inspiration for the project. Released in 2007 on the CD Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music 1930-1973. 3. "L'Anticoncept" by the Lettrist poet Gil J. Wolman, being five excerpts from the film which was shown for the first time on 11 February 1952 at the 'Avant-Garde 52' cinema club. It consisted of blank illumination projected onto a weather balloon, accompanied by a staccato spoken soundtrack. The film was banned by the French censors on 2 April 1952. When the Lettrists visited the Cannes Film Festival the following month, they were forced to restrict the audience to journalists only. The text of the soundtrack was published in the sole issue of the Lettrist journal Ion in 1952. Ion also included the text of Guy Debord's film Howls for Sade, which was dedicated to Wolman and featured his voice in its own soundtrack. 4. "Theme for an Imaginary Western" a song written by Jack Bruce and Pete Brown originally appearing on Bruce's Songs for a Tailor album in 1969. The song is sometimes referred to as "Theme from an Imaginary Western." and has been performed by many artists, including Jack Bruce, Mountain, Leslie West, Colosseum, Greenslade and DC3. Mountain bassist and vocalist Felix Pappalardi had helped produce Bruce's album and brought the song to guitarist/vocalist Leslie West's attention for their album Climbing! and Mountain performed the song at the Woodstock Festival in 1969. This is the version by Mountain.
27th May 2011
 Plundered Classics
Plundered Classics mixed and mashed with Broken Music by Milan Knizak who started to destroy records in 1965, scratching, breaking, punching holes, destroying the needle and often the record player. Broken Music was curated and assembled by Walter Marchetti and released as a record in 1979. John Oswald: Plunderphonics; Beethoven, Glenn Gould and Stravinsky's "Spring" from the EP issued in 1985. Alfred 23 Harth "Anything Goes" 1986 which mixes John Oswald, John Zorn and Heiner Goebbels just to compound the mixture. Strauss and Chopin from More Encores by Christian Marclay, Satie versus Wagner by Fuckintosh and Fragments by John Wall from Alterstill.
20th May 2011
 Survival Research Laboratories
As yet, I haven't found any connection between this week's subjects and Leicester. The following tracks are from a CD on the sub rosa label called Survival Research Laboratories, an outfit founded by Mark Pauline in 1978. Since its inception the SRL operated as an organisation of technicians staging over 50 performances in the USA, Japan and Europe which have been imitated by various cable TV channels, Robot Wars being one example. Mark Pauline was joined in 1979 by noisician; GX Jupitter-Larsen, founder member of post punk crew The Haters who started by tearing paper and eventually blew up hillsides. The tracks on this CD date from 1992 to 1998, recorded in Graz, Austria, Austin Texas and San Francisco. There are several videos of SRL performances on YouTube including links to Weird Weapons of World War 2. Survival Research Laboratories:
13th May 2011
 Bob Parks
Leicester market, Tuesday afternoon. Second hand record stall. I bought 3 records for £3: Gather in the Mushrooms by Benny Hill, Winklepicker Shoes by Bernard Cribbins and an E.P. by the Yodelling Comedians who hardly yodel and are not humorous. The 4 tracks on the E.P. are Glamorous Alpine World, My Sweetheart lives in a Chalet, Water from the Glacier and Yodelling is my Hobby. The illustrated paper sleeve is autographed by all 3 members of the troupe. Returning to London I visited the ICA Gallery showing an exhibition by Nathaniel Mellors until May 15th which includes a mechanical mobile sculpture of 2 almost identical, lifelike, male heads, one blue, one flesh-coloured connected by mutual long facial hair, that roll their eyes and talk, entitled "Hippy Dialectic". Highly recommended! In 2007, Nathaniel Mellors was looking for 3 people to film shouting dialogue whilst strapped to trees. Robin Klassnik of Matt's Gallery suggested Bob Parks, recalling some unusual performances Bob had realised when they were both art students in Leicester in the 1960s. Bob Parks: "I did loads of different things, such as the time I got a 15 foot No Parking sign which I carried on my head around Leicester for 2 weeks". The following tracks are by Bob Parks from the limited edition L.P. on the Junior Aspirin label issued in 2008 called "The R&B Feeling".
6th May 2011
 Art and Artists on the Record.
Three spoken word tracks by artist Liam Gillick from the CD; An Idea Just Out of Reach; original recordings made in Berlin in 2009. Faster, Higher, Stronger by John Wynne from the 10" vinyl E.P. Art + Factum (2009) which features artist responses to the Olympics site in London. Yes, New Birthday Song by Pipilotti Rist from The Cake is in Flames and finally Corporate Rock Must Die; a yellow vinyl 45rpm single by artist Jeremy Deller.
15th April 2011
 Studies for an Exhibition
Curator Mathieu Copeland in the studio to talk about his exhibition at the David Roberts Arts Foundation: which includes works by Gustav Metzger, Cally Spooner, Elena Bajo, David Medalla and others.
8th April 2011
 Break Through in Grey Room.
Opening statement about radio as therapy from a slightly confused Captain Maurice Seddon from his hospital bed in Slough. "Present Time Exercises" by William Burroughs from Break Through in Grey Room. At the beginning of this track made on cassette in London in 1971 using radio, television and several tape recorders we hear the distinctive growl of Burroughs reference a certain Mr. Peter Gidal ("Mister Peeder Geedaal..."); the eminent avant-garde filmmaker. "I am Strange" and "I am an Instrument" by Sun Ra, previously unissued early recordings issued by Norton Records as a single vinyl 45rpm record in 2009. "Burroughs called the Law" and "Sound Piece" both also from Break Through in Grey Room. Three tracks by Felix Kubin from "Psykoscifipoppia" 2003 and "Automato idee 2" also by Kubin from the CD id/cd. Four short tracks by Yakatsuma Eye and Otomo Yoshihide from a white label vinyl EP.
1st April 2011
 Space Hijackers
Interview with Agent Monstris and Agent Hardcastle from Space Hijackers:
28th March 2011
 Auction Fever
On the eve of the fund-raising auction weekend; a live auction to raise funds to keep Resonance on air. Maurice Seddon recorded from his hospital bed in Slough. "Down and Out" by Karen Dalton live in Boulder 1962. "The End of WFMU, '69" from the cassette Radio Archival Oddities, 90 minutes of Unusual Broadcasting issued by WFMU. "Money in the Bank vs. Money in the Pocket" 45rpm vinyl single by Skinjobs 2011. "I Need Money" by Slim Harpo; "Money" by Buddy Guy; "Money in my Pocket" by Dennis Brown; "History" by Art and Language; recording of congestion charge over the phone.
18th March 2011
 Captain Maurice Seddon, Royal Signals (retired).
Regular listeners to Wavelength will be aware of Captain Maurice Seddon who has contributed, usually by telephone, to this programme. He was taken into a hospital in Slough on January 6th and is presently still there. He allegedly suffered a stroke, might have vascular dementia and now has an infection. At my last visit to him he was almost comatose which is possibly due to some sort of liquid cosh. His dogs are being fed. In his absence, the local council entered his house and grounds apparently with an enforcement order to sanitise his environment which is considered to be a hazard to the health of the local community. "UTA (long version)" by Pipilotti Rist and Anders Guggisberg from the CD The Cake is in Flames. Maria Callas sings "Suicidio!" by Ponchielli from La Gioconda followed by "Maria Callas" by Christian Marclay from More Encores.
11th March 2011
 Kinnie the Explorer supported by Beethoven.
"Fairy lit hung flowers" from the 4 track CD: Blood. It's on Every Wall, by young Dorset group Kinnie the Explorer. 'OLYM" 'LYMP' YMPI' 'MPIC' 'PICS' conceptual soundwork by Daniel Jackson from the 10" LP Art + Factum. Henry Flynt's version of "The International" from the CD Nova Billy followed by Central Park Transverse Vocal numbers 1 and 2 from Henry Flynt, Raga Electric, experimental music 1963-1971. Finally, Beethoven, Symphony Number 7, second movement, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Georg Solti.
25th February 2011
 Destruction in Art part 14.
"With an extreme rigour evocative of Pol Pot's visions of the same period for the future of Year Zero Cambodia, Otto Muehl, one of the Vienna Actionists, demanded the eradication of all books, languages, art works, music and factories; the famines that will result from these systematic destructions are to be welcomed (human bodies can then ingest one another in a lethal sexual pandaemonium, with the weakest being consumed first). Muehl also warmly advocated incest, filmed orgies and all kinds of bestiality, and attempts to eradicate the distinction between human and animal life; however, he demands the extermination of all 'useless animals' together with the destruction of forests and cities..." from The Art of Destruction, The Films of the Vienna Action Group by Stephen Barber. Music by Dieter Roth, Gerhard Ruhm and Oswald Wiener; Berliner Dichter Workshop 1973, and both sides of the single Psycho-Motorik Musik by Otto Muehl.
18th February 2011
 Destruction in Art part 13. Niki de St. Phalle. Arman.
Letter from Niki de St. Phalle to Pontus Hulten: "In 1961 I shot at canvases because shooting allowed me to express the aggression that I felt. An assassination without a victim. I shot because I liked seeing the canvas bleed and die. I shot to reach that magical instant, that ecstasy. It was a moment of truth, I trembled with passion when I shot at my paintings". Four tracks from 2010 by Pierre Henry in memory of Arman composed for the recent retrospective at the Pompidou.
11th February 2011
 James Tregaskis and UKUncut.
James Tregaskis in the studio with a recording he made whilst taking part in a peaceful demonstration outside Boots on Oxford Street with UKUncut. During this protest the police used CS gas against the participants creating a mood of panic. Followed by brief extract from The Revolution Starts Now by Galaxia/Steve Wallis.
4th February 2011
 Business as usual.
Business goes on as usual by Roberta Flack from the LP Chapter Two. Who'll pay reparations on my soul? by Gil Scott-Heron from Small Talk at 125th and Lenox. Money Blues parts 1,2 and 3 by Archie Shepp from Things have got to change featuring the voice of Joe Lee Wilson.
28th January 2011
 I don't want to shoot your children (Destruction in Art Part 12).
Interview with Steve Pratt who served in the Special Air Services or SAS from 1969-1981 before becoming an artist. Steve lives and works in northern Finland and London and works on paintings which attempt to expose the hidden realities of conflict. I met Steve for the first time about 3 weeks ago when he showed me a copy of a new book about his work entitled "I DON'T WANT TO SHOOT YOUR CHILDREN" with the subtitle "The Making of a Dangerous Individual" followed by a long number with a black line through it... Steve Pratt:
21st January 2011
 In Sara, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven there were men and women.
Composed by Robert Ashley in 1972, released on Cramps Records in 1974. The text is by John Barton Wolgamot, written in 1944 and published privately in two different versions. The book was reputedly found by chance in a second hand bookshop in Greenwich Village in the 1950s. 'Wolgamot said he had sold twelve copies of the first edition and two copies of the second. Wolgamot said that the "book" was essentially the title page, that one should consider the title page to be the "body" of the book, and that the 128 pages of names should be considered as "the blood flowing through the body". Wolgamot was being modest, facetious, self-deprecating, whatever, when he said, "It's harder than you think to write a sentence that doesn't say anything"'.
14th January 2011