Almost Christmas
White Christmas by Ralph Rousseau on the viola da gamba from the CD ‘On Christmas Night’; Pari Intervallo with Christopher Bowers-Broadbent on the organ from Arbos by Arvo Part; If you were born today by Low from their Christmas CD; De Profundis by Arvo Part and The Hilliard Ensemble; Almost Christmas by Lester Bowie from All the Magic; Still, still, still by Ralph Rousseau on viola da gamba from ‘On Christmas Night’.
18th December 2009
 Rose Lowder
Edited recording of a conversation in 1989 with Rose Lowder; prolific maker of rigorous films and co-founder of The Archives of Experimental Film in Avignon with Alain Alcide-Sudre + Love is Strange, Tangiers fantasy with Jack Smith, Frances Francine and Tony Conrad (extract), recorded November 1962.
11th December 2009
 Drum Soup part 2
Drum Soup Part 2: a melange of percussion, Steve Reich, Drumming; Milford Graves Percussion Ensemble with Sunny Morgan, Nothing 19,13 and Nothing (ESP 1965); Kip Hanrahan, Desire Develops an Edge; Bow Gamelan Ensemble, Great Noises that Fill the Air; Edward Ka-Spel, Alas my Shrunken Head; Israel Quellet, Oppressum and Soni Sclavus.
4th December 2009
 Drum Soup part 1
Drum Soup: Little Drummer Boy by Low from Low Christmas, The Little Drummer Boy by Jonathan Kane, The Kroumata Percussion Ensemble play Pulse (1939) by Henry Cowell, Tobi Ilu by Art Blakey and the Afro-Drum Ensemble from The African Beat, Adventures in Anatomy from Badges; the fifth album by the Vitamin B12, Toad by Cream live at the Fillmore, Split Skins by Art Blakey from Orgy in Rhythm.
27th November 2009
 Encyclopodia, Nicky Hamlyn and Tony Gross
Encyclopodia continued: Nicky Hamlyn describes recovering his copy of The Whole Earth Catalogue after 20 years, driving over a philosophy book on Essex Road and paying to have an index included in his own book published by The British Film Institute. Optician and collector Tony Gross listens as I describe finding an album of photographs of Admiralty Radio Stations (1918) at a book fair. Otto Muehl; Psycho-Motorik Musik and a track from Oppressum by Israel Quellet.
20th November 2009
 Encyclopodia, Hugh de la Cruz
More extracts from the Encyclopodia. Hugh de la Cruz describes looking for volume two of the 3 volume edition of Mechanics Explained (1910 edition) and remembers Bloomsbury Rare Books on Museum Street. Tony Gross, optician and collector, struggles to construct a sentence after suffering a stroke. Two more tracks by Israel Quellet.
14th November 2009
 Encyclopodia, Steven Leiber
Talking to Steven Leiber via telephone from San Francisco in August 2009. Steven is the author and curator of Extra Art: A Survey of Artists’ Ephemera, 1960-1999. The complete interview will be accessible from the Resonance website as part of Encyclopodia; 26 podcasts relating to books + Israel Quellet; pour rameur de fitness (for fitness rower) from Soni Sclavus.
6th November 2009
 Encyclopodia, Ron Heisler
Talking to Ron Heisler; collector of political pamphlets since 1948, 30,000 of which he donated to Senate House Library. This is one of 26 podcasts intended to coincide with the London Art Book Fair held at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in October.
5th November 2009
 Yann Beauvais
Edited interview with Yann Beauvais, experimental filmmaker and co-founder, with Miles McKane, of Scratch Projection and Light Cone; Paris based distributor of experimental films established in 1982. The tape was recorded in a Paris restaurant in 1989. Concludes with a short track by Israel Quellet pour percussions et saturation 2'21" from Soni Sclavus.
24th October 2009
 Maurice Seddon and Ventimiglia vomit
Captain Maurice Seddon describes acquiring another deep-freeze which will take its place amongst the other deep-freezes in his garden providing storage space for food for himself and his numerous dogs. Some of the food is years past its sell-by date but this does not deter Maurice from consuming it. I relate an incident in a restaurant in Ventimiglia, Italy, when a diner at the next table vomited profusely on to the floor. The programme finishes with a track from Soni Sclavus, a new CD by Israel Quellet; les bouffisures, les croupissures - pour voix, percussions, orgue, sons divers (things that bloat, things that stagnate - for voice, percussion, organ and miscellaneous sound).
9th October 2009
 Corrected Slogans
Two songs by Frederic Rzewski: Lullaby: God to a Hungry Child, poem by Langston Hughes originally published in 1925 and reprinted in Good Morning Revolution. Rzewski version written in 1974, with David Holloway, baritone; Karl Berger, vibraphone and Anthony Braxton, clarinet. Apolitical Intellectuals; David Holloway, baritone; Frederic Rzewski, piano. Both tracks from New American Music, New York Section Composers of the 1970’s. Then, Don’t Talk to Sociologists from Corrected Slogans by Art and Language and The Red Crayola (1976). Money Blues (Parts 2 and 3) by Archie Shepp from Things have got to change, featuring the voice of Joe Lee Wilson (1971). Finally, new world order, who decides? by Charles Hayward from Near and Far (1997).
2nd October 2009
 Hans Krusi
Track one from Hans Krusi; "While preparing a new edition of Anton Bruhin works, Alga Marghen discovered some mysterious tapes by Hans Krusi. Fascinated by the raw and brute contents of those sounds, mixing field recordings of insects, sheep and distant bells with primitive chanting, percussive noises and distorted radio folk songs, Alga Marghen started to conceive one of the most obscure editions in his catalog. The Swiss-born, self-taught painter Hans Krusi (1920-1995) was a wiry man who eked out an existence on the margins of society". Brief introduction to the London Art Book Fair, with Richard Thomas and finally; track 26 from Modern Shit Will Make You Ill by Xentos Bentos and Lepke Buchwalter.
26th September 2009
 David Curtis
Recorded interview with David Curtis, author of Experimental Cinema (1971) and A History of Artists Film and Video in Britain (2007), curator of A Century of Artists Film in Britain and founder of the British Artists Film and Video Study Collection.
21st September 2009
 John Wynne
Interview with sound artist John Wynne about his installation at Beaconsfield Gallery London: Soundtrap IV which runs from 10th September to 18th October 2009 On 24th September at 7pm Rex Lawson will give a performance of Nancarrow studies for player piano and will join Ed Baxter and John Wynne in a discussion on sound art, player pianos and cultural redundancy. Admission five pounds, booking advisable: (Since this programme was broadcast, the installation has been bought in its entirety by Charles Saatchi).
12th September 2009
 Soundtrap IV, player pianos
Announcement: Soundtrap IV: John Wynne; an installation for pianola, 300 recycled hi-fi speakers and vacuum cleaner at Beaconsfield Gallery, 22 Newport Street, London SE11 6AY from 9th September to 18th October. The announcement of this exhibition provided an opportunity to play some pianola or player-piano music: Alfredo Casella, Trois Pieces pour Pianola (1918) Prelude, Valse, Ragtime. Conlon Nancarrow speaks with Charles Amirkhanian from Conlon Nancarrow: Lost Works, Last Works. Study No.12 and Study No.17 from Complete Studies for Player Piano Volume Four by Conlon Nancarrow.
9th September 2009
 Armer Tschitchik!
Armer Tschitchik! by Martin Klapper and Roger Turner from Recent Croaks 1997, then pour percussions and saturation by Israel Quellet from Oppressum 2005 and finally the third section from A Crimson Grail for 400 Electric Guitars by Rhys Chatham recorded live in Paris 2006.
14th August 2009
 David Leister, Kino Club
David Leister, host of The Optical Sound Show, veteran filmmaker, presenter of the Kino Club since the 1980s and virtuoso projectionist talks about the 9.5mm film club, his part in the proliferation of film projectors in Art Galleries and his patented film loop device.
7th August 2009
 A psyche and its geography...
Three tracks from A psyche and its geography. Inside Out: curated by Andrew Kotting 2008 'A Sense of Place' by Tony Hill and Sally Goode, 'Mapping Perception' by Toby McMillan, 'Fragment' by Max Richter. Followed by several tracks from I.D. Art 2 CD produced by Clive Graham in 2006, originally released in 1976 by the Los Angeles Free Music Society in an edition of 200 copies. The played tracks from a total of 44 were: Fredrik Nilsen 'You can't hide from aldehyde', Josie Roth 'Heal, and another little time', Otto Flick (0:48), Mike Green 'Martin Heidegger revisited', Mr. Foon 'Timeless Number 1', Tom Kemp 'Pasadena subway station poetry stills'. Final track is 'Big Sur Moon' by Buckethead from Colma.
31st July 2009
 DJ Numpty + Tony Fayne
DJ Numpty aka Steven Parry, comedian and winner of the Wavelength theme tune competition in the studio. His mystery prize was an EP by Tony Fayne "British Institutions Part Two" and one track from the EP was played; Garden Fetes. Other tracks played included an obscure recording of Peter Cook and Rainbow George provided by DJ Numpty, and finally "Dau 45" from vinyl EP Von Mund zu Mund by Asmus Tietchens (Die Stadt DS28).
18th July 2009
 Nicky Hamlyn part 2
Nicky Hamlyn part 2. Second instalment of a conversation with Nicky Hamlyn (see June 12th 2009). Male porcupines use their urine to soften the female's quills before mating, while vultures urinate on their legs to cool themselves. I thought we could mention the Douglas Gordon film Zidane; there is an alarming similarity with a film made in 1970 by Hellmuth Costard called Football as Never Before which focusses entirely on George Best for 90 minutes. Your book Film Art Phenomena is as rigorous and precise as your films... (David Curtis writing in A History of Artists' Film "he would become one of the best writers on artists' film of his generation").
10th July 2009
 Theme tune fiasco
Wavelength theme tune fiasco. The long awaited result of the Wavelength theme tune competition. The original theme tune is ticking and chiming of a clock awarded to William Cross, Sandra’s grandfather, who won many individual and team titles for running with the army and Castleford Harriers in Barnsley circa 1920. The entrants for the competition were whittled down to nine, some of whom were impostors. The judges were James Tregaskis, Richard Thomas and William English. Both of James’s entries were disqualified and Richard lost nothing in defeat in spite of some sleight of hand. The entrants were Peter Shepard, You were served by Patricia 1, Claudia Wasser, Dario Marsh, Sven Kylie, Feng Che the Chinese Cuban and the overall winner: DJ Numpty.
7th July 2009
 Leon Trotsky and Bo Diddley etc.
J.A. da Silva “Audio Poem” (1971) (For Henri Chopin) from OU 40-41. Leon Trotsky “10th Anniversary of the Left Opposition” (political speech ca. 1938) Original voice of Leon Trotsky probably recorded in Mexico. Ladislav Novak “Two Poems” (1958-62) from OU 42-43-44. Bo Diddley “Crackin’ Up” 1958. Ladislav Novak “La Structure Phonetique de la Langue Tcheque” (1969) from OU 36-37. Scientist “Time and Place Dub” Rare Dubs 1979-1980. Arthur Rimbaud “Le Vrai Sonnet des Voyelles” (Reading by him) from OU 42-43-44. The Red Krayola with Art and Language: “Four Stars: The Ideal Crew” from Sighs Trapped by Liars (2007). Scientist “Heavenless Dub” Rare Dubs 1979-1980.
26th June 2009
 Nicky Hamlyn part 1
Conversation with Nicky Hamlyn: "Professor Nicky Hamlyn studied fine art at Reading University and has made over forty films, videos and installations since then. His films have been shown at festivals and screenings around the world and his book Film Art Phenomena was published by the BFI in 2003. He is senior lecturer in Video Arts Production and Visual Theory at University for the Creative Arts, Maidstone, and a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art. His recent work has been concerned with exploring and trying to refine the relationship between the camera and its profilmic" + Film soundtrack for "The Overcoming of Hazard" by Brad Butler and Karen Mirza, Touch Seven TS3 7" vinyl side A.
12th June 2009
Michelangelo Pistoletto. On Saturday 23rd of May, as part of Tate Modern’s Long Weekend, Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto recreated one of his actions from the 1960s, rolling a large ball of newspaper over the Millennium Bridge, around the City and back by boat assisted by his wife and long-time collaborator Maria Pioppi. Pistoletto’s Ball of Newspapers (1966) was one of the artist’s “Minus Objects” that he rolled through the streets of Turin in 1967 during the heyday of Arte Povera. William English joined the throng which followed the ball and chatted with Pistoletto en route. + Wolf Vostell: Elektronischer de-collage. Happening Raum (1968).
29th May 2009
 Russian avant-garde sound experiments
BAKU: Symphony of Sirens, Sound Experiments in the Russian Avant-Garde, Original Documents and reconstructions of 72 key works of music, poetry and agitprop from the Russian avantgardes 1908-1942. The book is released and distributed by ReR... I bought this copy from the Tate Modern bookshop and it can also be ordered through Sub Rosa for about £25... Chris Cutler is the general editor. The 72 page book is translated from the Spanish, and includes an essay by Miguel Molina Alarcon providing an overview, summary biographies, bibliography, web research links and the 2 CDs, the first of which is made up of reconstructions including The Symphony of Sirens by Avraamov, and previously lost sound events by Prokofiev, Khlebnikov, Malevich, Burliuk and numerous others, lasting between 9 seconds and 28 minutes. The second CD is made up entirely of original recordings including Vertov’s Enthusiasm, The Dombass Symphony; a symphony of abstract industrial noise from 1930, followed by contemporary recordings by Roman Jakobson, Khruchenykh, Lili Brik, Esenin, Mayakovsky, Pasternak, Akhmatova, Lenin and Trotsky. Today I’ve chosen mostly poetic works; and the first track is by Igor Severyanin called Echo dating from 1914, these first tracks are all reconstructions from 2006, the second half of the programme will be original recordings.
22nd May 2009
 Richard Thomas part 2
Continuing last week's conversation with Richard Thomas, content manager of Resonance 104.4FM.
16th May 2009
 Richard Thomas part 1
Good afternoon, you are listening to Wavelength on Resonance 104.4FM. Today’s mystery guest is Richard Thomas, content manager of a well known radio station; “The first time I knowingly encountered you was at an event off the Bethnal Green Road on the upper floor of a factory building, on a Sunday afternoon, probably 6 years ago now, organised by Mattin and Joel Stern. I showed a film and then Nishide Takehiro started a performance which involved you blowing into a plastic hosepipe immersed in a bucket of water. Hugh Metcalfe might have been playing a guitar. On leaving the factory building and approaching the Bethnal Green Road, almost directly opposite is a business premises with a large sign above the door which says “William English and Son, Funeral Directors” which came as a slight shock. I mean if you have to come across your own namesake in that way, it would be preferable to perhaps come across something more glamorous or cheerful, a Florist perhaps or a Piano Tuner... anything but a funeral director... Have you ever come across someone with the same name as yourself?"
9th May 2009
 Wavelength collage
Invitation to listeners to submit a new version of the Wavelength ticking clock theme followed by a melange of previous programmes starting with Maurice Seddon’s unique telephone apparatus, snippets of Jonas Mekas, Henry Flynt, Nick Rochford, MMs bar announcements, Hugh coughing, crying baby, How can we hang on to a dream by Tim Hardin, Dining Room soundtrack, cuckoo clock, barking dogs, Der Ball ist Rund by Ror Wolf, Eris from Alfred 23 Harth (Heiner Goebbels, John Oswald, John Zorn) and Psycho-Motorik Musik by Otto Muehl.
1st May 2009
NOTHING. The Nothingists was a group created at the end of 1919 in Moscow echoing the internationalisation of the Dada movement although they didn’t use that word because in Russian Dada means “yes yes” contradicting their nihilism. They stopped all activity in 1923; Manifesto From Nothingism 1920, and Decree About the Nothingists of The Poetry 1920, both from CDs accompanying the book Baku: Symphony of Sirens.
A Colour named Nothing by Contraption 37 from A Consonant Vowel, anthology of audio art and sound poetry recorded in 1988. 3’34” by Pavel Buchler; transparent vinyl single lasting 3’34” and issued in an edition of 334 copies; compilation of unrecorded parts and transitions between tracks of 10 John Cage records from the collection of Pavel Buchler, 2006.
Perhaps the ultimate Nothingness record was produced by Yves Klein in 1959 with the LP Prince of Space which is entirely silent; the only sound being the contact between the stylus and the vinyl record, unlike Buchler’s record which is a recording of stylus meeting vinyl and therefore a recording unlike Klein’s which is actually an object... but this leads to comparing silence with nothingness and as apparently there is no such thing as silence I’ll get on with the next track:
Nothing by The Fugs from The Fugs First Album ESP 1965.
Outer Nothingness by Sun Ra from The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra Volume 1 ESP 1965.
24th April 2009
 Sound poetry flexidiscs
Bob Cobbing 1920-2002: Quote from Bob Cobbing in Ceolfrith Number 26: Bob Cobbing and Writers Forum. “e colony - a version” flexidisc from typewriter 4 1973 with Peter Finch on jews harp. “Green Computer” and “Yak Poem” from Birdyak Green Computer 1988 with Hugh Metcalfe. “Khajrej” extract 1972 with Anna Lockwood from the EP L’Autonomatopek 1 issued with Opus journal for the arts. “Marvo Movie Natter” (Voices: Cobbing, A. Lockwood, Jeff Keen) and “Spontaneous Appealinair Contemprate Apollinaire” (1968) both tracks from OU 34-35.
10th April 2009
 Sound poetry
Paul de Vree; poet, born Antwerp 1909. Ode a Stockholm from the LP poesia sonora, anthology of sound poetry 1975. Organon and Exodus from AHAHAHA8 Review for Verbal Plasticism 1970. Reading of an extract from Concrete Poetry, A World View; Mary Ellen Solt. Veronika (1953), Ogenblik (1948), Kleine Caroli (1963), Vertigo Gli (1963), Een Roos a Rose (1964), all from revue OU complete recordings, alga marghen 2006.
4th April 2009
 Sound poetry
Sten Hanson; Swedish composer and sound poet, born 1936: Les Martyrs (1975) The Sonosopher Retrospective, Alga Marghen. Che (1968) Text sound compositions 2 Stockholm Festival 1968 RELP 1054. Skarp dig, for fan! (1991) The Sonosopher Retrospective Alga Marghen. Revolution (1970) Railroad Poem (1970) Don't hesitate, do it right now (1969) The Glorious Desertion (1969) all from OU sound poetry anthology, Algha Margen. How are you (1975) Poesia Sonora.
27th March 2009
 Music in the margins
Wild Classical Music Ensemble: Rien de Rien, Jaws, Happy Flute, The Prisoner. Sub Rosa; musics in the margins: "Instantly the floor falls silent when the four mentally retarded musicians together with their artistic mentor and drummer, all ill at ease, clear their way among drums, trumpets, violins, melodica, samplers and an electric guitar". Israel Quellet: Oppressum. Sub Rosa; musics in the margins: For percussion and sound toys, For percussion, sander and telephone keyboard strokes, For buckets dragged on the ground and saturation.
20th March 2009
 Seekers of Lice
Conversation with seekers of lice on the subjects of hand-written paper bags, ephemeral artworks washed away by the tide, artists' books and boxes exhibited at bookartbookshop. Seekers of lice; plural but singular.
14th March 2009
 Bill Burns, safety gear for small animals
Bill Burns, director of Safety Gear for Small Animals; passing through from Toronto to Denmark discusses his latest projects: Dogs and Boats and Airplanes, Children's Choir (pilot project) in collaboration with Mammalian Diving Reflex and Alpha Alternative School Toronto "So-called Friends" by Rodney Graham from the CD The Bed-Bug, Love Buzz and other songs in the popular idiom.
9th March 2009
 Clive Graham on Morphogenesis
Clive Graham talks about Morphogenesis; improvising electronic group formed in 1985.
27th February 2009
 Double Dutch
Double Dutch: Collage of overlaid conversation in Dutch by a group of people looking at a photograph album recorded in Castricum North Holland in January 2009. The album contains images of World War 2 and the German occupation of Castricum. During the Liberation of this region my English father met my Dutch mother.
Accompanied by the following music: Guus Janssen "Ritmische Etude", Louis Andriessen "Choral Vorspiele", and 3 traditional Mechanical Organ tracks from the record The Busy Drone (BVHAAST 034-1).
"My Mother's Eyes" by Tad Smith, Itis golden saxophone and Itis orchestra (Modern Music, undated).
20th February 2009
 Gerry Smith in Belgium
"Valse Belgique" (Abel Frans) Mechanical Organ. The Busy Drone. Telephone interview with artist and curator Gerry Smith during the setting up of an exhibition in Ostend, Belgium. "Sans Titre" Oscar Haus on accordion. "The Revolution Starts Now" by Galaxia/Steve Wallis. Last 2 tracks both from the Sub Rosa CD musics in the margin.
13th February 2009
 Various Artists
Gregory Duret "mix free" Bokan! musics in the margin.
De Selvera's "Twee Rebruine Ogen" Hollandse Gouwe Ouwe.
Philippe "la ballade des gens heureux" Bokan! musics in the margin.
De Selvera's "De Postkoets" Hollandse Gouwe Ouwe.
Buckethead "The Slunk, the Gutter and the Candlestick" from Kaleidoscalp.
Francois Dufrene "Osmose-Art" (1969) from the CD accompanying exhibition
catalogue published by Fundacao Serralves 2007.
Loic "le DVD avec" Bokan! musics in the margin.
6th February 2009
 Barry Landeen and Tree Frog Radio
Aram Saroyan: Radio Stations 1967 from the LP Mother Number 9. 15 minute interview with Barry Landeen, manager of Tree Frog Radio, a pirate station on Denman Island, Vancouver.
23rd January 2009
 Philip Jeck, Joe Jones
Philip Jeck. Live in St. Michel and St. Gudula Cathedral, Brussels (as part of Les Nuits Botaniques) 16:36 7th May 2006 from the double LP Spire Live, Fundamentalis. Joe Jones on piano and car battery, no date.
16th January 2009
 Scelsi and others
"Hymnos" by Giacinto Scelsi for organ and 2 orchestral groups (1963).
"Satisfaction of Oscillation" by Dajuin Yao (1997).
"Blind Ignorance" by Sutcliffe Jugend (2007).
9th January 2009