Christmas music and a message from Maurice Seddon
Christmas greetings from Wavelength spoken by Maurice Seddon who goes on to talk about heated clothing, windmills and his time spent living in Elgar's house in Hampstead. Charles Matthews plays Giacinto Scelsi: In Nomine Lucis, Live in St. Michel and St. Gudula Cathedral Brussels, from the double LP Spire Live: Fundamentalis (FACT12 Touch Tone 28) 2008.
19th December 2008
 Barry Miles
Barry Miles; author of In the Sixties, co-founder of Indica Bookshop, publisher of International Times, Europe's first Underground newspaper discusses William Burroughs. Barry Miles is curating an exhibition on Burroughs at Maggs Brothers, Berkeley Square London in January 2009.
12th December 2008
 Maurice Seddon on Horselength
Captain Maurice Seddon delivers a short address on the subject of "Horselength".
Tracks from A Breeze of Time, The Auricle Archive: Volume XV, and Electric Junk, The Auricle Archive: Volume IX.
5th December 2008
 Dubuffet Music
"Houle Hulule" (26 December 1973) 26'48" by Jean Dubuffet from the CD accompanying the book: Jean Dubuffet, Experiences Musicales (Les Cahiers de la Fondation Dubuffet No.1 Paris 2006).
28th November 2008
 Nick Rochford on Compendium Bookshop
Nick Rochford talking about how he started up the legendary Compendium Bookshop in London's Camden Town. Recorded at the Conway Hall in Summer 2008.
21st November 2008
 Jonas Mekas
Edited extracts of an interview with Jonas Mekas by William English and Richard Thomas in July 2008.
14th November 2008
 Archie Shepp
"Richard Nixon" by Rodd, Terri and The MSR Singers from Beat of the Traps MSR Madness Volume 1 (1971)
"Little Ghetto Boy" by Donny Hathaway Live at the Bitter End NY (1972)
"Things have got to change" by Archie Shepp (1971) featuring the voice of Joe Lee Wilson and electronic music by Romulus Franceschini.
7th November 2008
 Henry Flynt
Henry Flynt: Raga Electric Experimental Music 1963-1971: "Central Park Transverse Vocal 1-4 (1963)" Locust Music, followed by an interview with Henry Flynt recorded in London on October 20th in which he speaks mostly about Abstract Film.
"White Lightening" from Back Porch Hillbilly Blues volume 2, Locust Music 2002.
31st October 2008
 St Paul to St Paul's
St. Paul to St. Paul's. (St. Paul de Vence to St. Paul's London). Wavelength signatures. Chirping birds in Menton. Automatic searching of French radio stations. Trains on Nice station before departing for London.
24th October 2008
 Henri Chopin
I just need to remember what the show was... where was I? Yes, Clive Graham didn't turn up because he was waiting for a plumber.
Stocks crashed again, the streets were full of people crying, pulling their hair out and screaming "my savings!! my pension!!" Flames were licking around the Bank of England as thousands of disaffected employees started bonfire night early.
Double decker buses were turned over and used as barricades.
Financiers and hedge fund managers were being lined up and shot. Apart from that nothing happened.
Henri Chopin: "Les Souffles des Tempetes" and "La Digestion" from Les Mirifliques Tundras et Compagnie (Alga Marghen 1997).
10th October 2008
 Sandra Cross; MMs Bar
Recordings by Sandra Cross over one year (2006) as part of her ongoing project "What did you eat today?" The recordings were made on the train between Leicester and London, featuring announcements about the MM's Bar (Midland Mainline refreshments bar).
26th September 2008
  James Tregaskis Holds The Fort
James Tregaskis stands in for William English: How not to listen to the radio by James Tregaskis, Sexton Ming live at the Shunt Lounge; 2 poems and a song, Robert Lyall Patterson and his two seater 1950 engine Ford special recorded at Sturgis 2007,
"Things to do before you die" with John from Birmingham and lastly,
The Golding Institute: The Final Relaxation.
19th September 2008
 National Express coach to Derby
National Express coach to Derby. A message from our sponsors: Fotheringay and Braithwaite's organic home made ferret flavoured chutney.
Maurice Seddon takes a trip on the Thames to Runnymede, and remembers friends with ferrets.
5th September 2008
 Various Artists
Border Dissolve in Audiospace (1970) by Liam O'Gallagher from the LP 10+2:12 American Text Sound Pieces 1750 Arch Records. His Eyes, Her Eyes by Paul Dutton from Oralizations. Duke by Mouthus and Yellow Swans Live on Conan Island No-Fi 2008.
15th August 2008
 Mekas, correct pronunciation...
A message from our sponsors: Fotheringay and Braithwaite's organic home made ferret flavoured chutney.
Instructions for the correct pronunciation of Jonas Mekas from the man himself.
One minute track by Otomo Yoshihide from Ground Zero Live (1992).
Jim White relates a story "the wrong man", recorded live at Rough Trade in 2007 followed by "a perfect day for chasing tornadoes". Masonna/Yamazaki "Masao" Takushi: "Spectrum Ripper (part I-II-III)" (1996-1997) 3.33. More Mekas.
12th August 2008
 Publish and be Damned
Recorded at ''Publish and be Damned'' on Sunday 3rd August; brief interviews, incoherent snatches of sound + tracks from a CD on the Ole label bought at the event.
8th August 2008
 Alan and Steve Freeman, Ultima Thule
Interview with Alan and Steve Freeman, proprietors of Leicester shop: Ultima Thule, legendary outlet for recordings of ''Spacy'' electronic music, Krautrock, experimental and progressive music including local outfits such as Volcano the Bear and Black Carrot. Alan and Steve also perform their own music in a variety of identities.
1st August 2008
 Ed Baxter part 4
Interview with Ed Baxter director of Resonance 104.4fm (part 4).
25th July 2008
 Ed Baxter part 3
Interview with Ed Baxter director of Resonance 104.4fm (part 3).
11th July 2008
 Ed Baxter part 2
Interview with Ed Baxter director of Resonance 104.4fm (part 2).
4th July 2008
 Ed Baxter part 1
Interview with Ed Baxter director of Resonance 104.4fm (part 1).
23rd June 2008
William invites guests to phone in sick with studio guest and living legend Hugh de la Cruz who plays a virtuoso performance on a plastic inhaler.
30th May 2008
Soundtracks from a CD attached to issue No 7 of "Metronome" magazine, published 2001 - this may cause offence. Metronome Number 7 Edited by Clementine Deliss; The Bastard, Magnetic Speech.
23rd May 2008
William English Invites Professor James Tregaskis to discuss the word "Reich" and play some audio he brought along.
Wilhelm Reich, Steve Reich, Third Reich are all given short shrift in this exhaustive analysis of JT's thought processes.
16th May 2008
 Class War
Ian Bone talks about Class War + an anonymous 14 year old representative of the "Class War Youth Death Squad".
9th May 2008
 A Song, A Hand Grenade
Adrian Mitchell; Ode on the assassination of President Johnson; To whom it may concern, from the LP A Laugh, A Song, A Hand-Grenade (Transatlantic Records 1968).
Art and Language and the Red Crayola; Corrected Slogans 1976;
An Harangue; Organisation. Joseph Beuys; Excerpt from Cooper Union Dialogue 1980. Cornelius Cardew; Smash the Social Contract, from We Only Want the Earth (2001 musicnow).
Fredric Rzewski; excerpt (finale) from The People United Will Never Be Defeated! 36 Variations on a Chilean Song.
Ursula Oppens, piano (Vanguard 1978).
2nd May 2008
 Henri Chopin, Alexis Korner, Charles Hayward
Henri Chopin; Les Souffles from the LP La Plaine des Respirs (Tochnit Aleph 073 2007) Herbie's Tune by Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated from the CD Red Hot From Alex (CMRCD 293 2001/1964).
Charles Hayward; Sweetheart, from Switch on War (SUB CD017-40 1991).
25th April 2008
 Gerry Smith, Belgium and the Belgians
Belgium and the Belgians. Analysis and discussion with Richard Thomas; Resonance station manager whose father once played football for Bruges or was it Ghent? Gerry Smith, artist and Belgian ambassador for Stoke Newington and William English who travelled through Belgium once on a train.
18th April 2008
 Patrick Sutherland
Guest Patrick Sutherland discusses music from the Spiti region of North West India.
11th April 2008
 Yiorgis Sakellariou
Yiorgis Sakellariou returns to introduce sounds by Mecha Orga (Athens). Recorded in a bookshop with a mini dv camera.
4th April 2008
 Maurice Seddon and Hell Hounds
Captain Maurice Seddon Part 2: Hell Hounds. The continuing saga of Maurice and the local council who are threatening to remove his dogs. Maurice has lost 3 consecutive court cases and is now considering taking the case to Strasbourg.
28th March 2008
 Funk Probideo/Baile Funk
Funk Probideo/Baile Funk with filmmaker Yann Beauvais co-founder of Light Cone in Paris and artist Edson Barrus talking via a poor (skype) phone connection from Paris. Several anonymous tracks from a CDR provided by Yann and Edson featuring gunshots and references to bazookas.
14th March 2008
 Animal Music
Animal music including Terry Fox, Jim Nollman from the LP Playing Music with Animals; the interspecies communication of Jim Nollman with 300 Turkeys, 12 Wolves, 20 Orca Whales, Bepler (Cremaster 5) and others.
7th March 2008
 Marcel Duchamp
Marcel Duchamp's Erratum 'framed' by both sides of a 'found' record by Bob and Roberta Smith. The single "Knock 3 times on the ceiling if you want me" is appropriated by Bob and Roberta Smith by sticking a new label on the record and calling it a signed limited edition entitled "Lame" and the B side "Worse".
29th February 2008
 Ivor Cutler and Marcel Duchamp
Marcel Duchamp talks about Ready-Mades + tracks from Ivor Cutler's A Flat Man.
15th February 2008
 Clive Graham
Guest Clive Graham introduces the latest release on his Paradigm label; Machine by Trevor Wishart.
8th February 2008
 Francis Picabia
Francis Picabia: La Nourrice Americaine (The American Nurse). Slow Version (19.57) So far as is known, Picabia composed just one piece of music, an antagonistic piece performed for the first, and seemingly last, time in 1920; "three notes repeated to infinity" (LTMCD 2509).
2nd February 2008
 Terry Fox, Typewriter Music, Bagpipes, Flynt and others.
Terry Fox; Internal Sound (excerpt) 1979, followed by Typewriter in D by David Smyth, both from Revolutions per Minute (The Art Record) 1982 Ronald Feldman Fine Arts Inc. Trachea by David Watson with Shelley Hirsch and Makigami Koichi from the CD Throats 2002. Henry Flynt; Back Porch Hillbilly Blues Volume 2 Unidentified track.
18th January 2008
 Bill Burns part 1 Bird Radio
Interview with Bill Burns, director of The Museum of Safety Gear for Small Animals on the eve of his exhibition at the ICA London which incorporates Bird Radio and the Flora and Fauna information service.
11th January 2008