Christmas in my overalls
"Had to take Christmas in my overalls" from 3 different versions of Sitting on top of the World + Meeuw Muzak singles and country singer Jim White; Christmas Day from Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus (Luaka Bop 2005).
21st December 2007
Inaugural concert by Benghazi: Gwenda Jones on paper cup, James Tregaskis on balloons and vomiting and Mtebe Noginga on piledriver and toys. Recorded live in the studio on Borough High Street. Naturally these highly strung individuals came to loggerheads shortly after this event and went their own separate ways only to reform the following day. Tregaskis's distinctive vomiting technique spawned numerous clones, Noginga gained a reputation for extracting the most from a wind up tin toy but little of merit can be said about Gwenda Jones's lacklustre performance which prompted the acrimonious break-up. A classic.
14th December 2007
 Christie's auction, Baselitz
Recording from a Christie's Auction, King Street London + Georg Baselitz lecture "The Painters' Equipment" A lecture at the Royal Academy of Arts 1987. (Audio Arts LP, recorded by William Furlong and William Archer).
7th December 2007
 The Red Suede Jacket
"The Red Suede Jacket": Bob Hughes remembers the 1960s in Leicester. Cut into the interview is a rare track by The Farinas later to become Family, and also Country Line Special by Cyril Davies and his Rhythm and Blues All Stars (1963). The red suede jacket became a fixation for me; worn in the 1960s by John Nixon otherwise known as Jelly for reasons unknown, the jacket became emblematic of that period. Bob Hughes recalls some of the events, recorded in The Modena Cafe in Leicester which has hardly changed since the early 1960s. The Farinas were a Leicester group who later became Family. The track played here is their first and only single apart from an incredibly rare demo disc and features the harmonica playing of James King. My elder brother Jack took me to see The Farinas at The Pit which was a club underneath the notorious Bond Street Cafe in Leicester City Centre. I was probably eleven years old, still in short trousers. The Farinas were playing rhythm and blues and memorably a track about a train, with harmonica by Jim King.
30th November 2007
 London Artists Book Fair at the ICA
Wandering round the Artists' Book Fair asking various book artists for a definition of what an artist's book is and getting a variety of answers.
23rd November 2007
 La Monte Young and Terry Riley
La Monte Young and Terry Riley 1960 "Concert for Two Pianos and Five Tape Recorders" (1960) With La Monte Young, recorded live 11 May 1960, Nam June Paik Works 1958.1979.Text of Light by Lee Ranaldo, Christian Marclay, Alan Licht, Uli Krieger, DJ Olive (Table of the Elements 2004).
9th November 2007
 Maurice Seddon and the dogs
Telephone interview with Captain Maurice Seddon who describes his unique telephone apparatus and the ongoing legal battle with his local council and neighbour to retain his dogs. Maurice lives in humble circumstances in Datchet at the end of the Heathrow flight path. Planes fly directly overhead every 90 seconds. The large garden, surrounded by a high but dilapidated wooden fence contains all manner of unwanted and outdated electrical goods, motorcycles, refrigerators, tarpaulins, a small caravan and a pack of 18 mongrels which live wild and occasionally start to bark in unison. Maurice has lived here for 50 years. A neighbour who moved in a few years ago has complained consistently about the noise of the dogs resulting in a series of eccentric court cases. At time of writing the dogs remain in situ.
2nd November 2007
26th October 2007
 Reto Scheiber
Interview with St. Martin's graduate Reto Scheiber. Reto Scheiber admitted to having suffered from depression but after embracing religion and using this in his Art his state of mind improved. After leaving St Martin's he took a job in East London but quickly decided to return to his Alpine homeland. Recorded in the studio on Borough High Street.
12th October 2007
 Pamelia Kurstin et al
Pamelia Kurstin; Eschschloraque, from Thinking Out Loud (Tzadik 2007). Iron and Wine; Resurrection Fern, from The Shepherd's Dog (Transgressive 2007). Camberwell Now; Ghost Trade, from All's Well (ReCDec 1015). The Handsome Family; There's a City, from Smothered and Covered (2002), a personal gathering of rarities including odd covers, bathroom demos and orphaned songs.
5th October 2007
 Short Tracks
Short Tracks, mostly one minute or less: Aram Saroyan, Chris Burden, Wild Man Fischer, Muslimgauze, Buckethead, Peterson, Yoko Ono, Augusto de Campos, Handsome Family, Henry Flynt, John Wynne, Conlon Nancarrow, Moondog, Wolfgang Fuchs, Peter Brotzmann, Rodney Graham.
27th August 2007
 James Tregaskis on the road
William phones Weaverville California and gets an insight into thrift shops from James Tregaskis. Recorded before he became Professor.
6th July 2007
Miscellaneous tracks.
29th June 2007
 Maurice Seddon on his idiosyncratic telephone apparatus
Finally a good connection to Captain Maurice Seddon demonstrating his idiosyncratic telephone apparatus. Captain Maurice Seddon, Royal Signals (retired), now in his 80s, inventor of electrically heated clothing. Maurice's telephone operates on a one-way basis making interruption impossible and conversation frustrating.
22nd June 2007
 James Tregaskis
Explorer and bon viveur James Tregaskis speculates on his forthcoming motorcycle journey to Alaska.
15th June 2007
 Clive Graham
Clive Graham host of the long standing Resonance104.4fm programme Sound Poets Exposed brings in a new release on the Paradigm label: I.D. ART 2 (PD23) Paradigm Discs 2007.
8th June 2007
 Captain Maurice Seddon episode 1
Captain Maurice Seddon Royal Signal Corps (retired) shows Sandra Cross his thrombosis. Sandra by a fountain in a garden near to London Wall. Jonathan Kane from the CD "February" 2005 (Table of the Elements).
1st June 2007