Meeuw Muzak Christmas singles
Wavelength Christmas Party including Meeuw Muzak singles.
22nd December 2006
 Nuclear and other wars
The Ballad of the Green Berets, from Songs of Our Fighting Men "The Green Berets" by Sergeant Barry Sadler U.S. Army Special Forces (RCA Victor 1966). Good Morning Vietnam, recorded in Vietnam by Claude Johner (Folkways Records FD 5445 1972). Last Poets; What Will You Do? from Oh, My People (CELL 6108). Conrad Atkinson; The Louis XIV Deterrent, from Revolutions per Minute (The Art Record) (1982 Ronald Feldman Fine Arts Inc). Nuclear War by Sun Ra. Recorded NY 1982 (RA1). Low Flying Aircraft by Paul Burwell and Anne Bean, small edition vinyl single (1990?).
15th December 2006
 Train to Kettering
Train to Kettering, adjusting a clock in Syston. Sten Hanson from the LP The Sonosopher Retrospective (Alga Marghen). Train to Leicester, broke down in Kettering, various announcements and then changed trains after some confusion. The clock in Syston was a prize for long distance running awarded to William Cross, Sandra's grandfather, in Corby some time in the 1930s. The clock is now in a house in Syston, Leicestershire and needs rewinding frequently as we all do. This clock's chiming is the signature tune for Wavelength.
8th December 2006
 Ben Patterson
Fluxus Artist Ben Patterson: Early Works.
"A Simple Opera" 15'51" and "Pond" 5'24" (Alga Marghen).
Ben Patterson: "This is not only my first CD, but also the first recordings of these works available to the general public".
1st December 2006
 Peter Reiling, Bob Cobbing, Edwin Schlossberg, Art and Language, Henri Chopin
Peter Reiling "So!" from a CDR sent in to the programme by Peter. Birdyak: Bob Cobbing, Ma-Lou Bangerter and Hugh Metcalfe; Make perhaps this out sense of can you from the LP aberration (KZ8801 1988). Edwin Schlossberg; Vibrations/Metaphors from Revolutions per Minute (The Art Record) (1982 Ronald Feldman Fine Arts Inc). Art and Language and The Red Crayola; It's an Illusion from the 1976 LP Corrected Slogans. Henri Chopin; Le Fond de la Gorge (ou Throat Power) 1974.
17th November 2006
 Yiorgis Sakellariou
Interview with Yiorgis Sakellariou (Mecha Orga). Recorded live in Denmark Street studio for Wavelength hosted by William English.',',', '2006 November 10th Artist Pavel Buchler','Artist Pavel Buchler: "Live"; applause gathered from his collection of live recordings. Pavel Buchler assembled these recordings of applause from his own collection of 351 albums of ?live? recordings of jazz concerts and other musical events and re-released them on a vinyl LP in a limited edition of 351 copies.
3rd November 2006
 Various Artists
Mecha/Orga (Yiorgis Sakellariou) "from a piner" "Flak" ten inch vinyl record by David Jackman Volcano the Bear; Oslo Top from Volseptor recorded live 19.6.98 Earthquake Orgy from Tony Conrad's soundtrack for Jack Smith's film Flaming Creatures. Recorded early 1962, from the CD Jack Smith; Les Evening Gowns Damnees, Audio Artkive 01 Natalie Wood by The Handsome Family; Smothered and Covered (Rarities).
27th October 2006
 Vitamin B12
Anatomy of Vision by Vitamin B12 from the double LP "badges" the fifth album by the vitamin b12 edition of 300 copies, followed by Adagio, section 5 from An Angel Moves too fast to See by Rhys Chatham.
6th October 2006
 You're a winner or you're a sinner
"You're a winner or you're a sinner". Evangelist lay preacher recorded at Piccadilly Circus: This lay preacher was a fixture at Oxford Circus for many years, relentlessly preaching to the crowds through a portable megaphone. His mantra was "You're a winner or you're a sinner" along with other rhymes. This recording on a Walkman cassette recorder was made at his later site on Piccadilly Circus. I haven't seen him at either location for at least one year + "Flak" ten inch vinyl record by David Jackman
20th July 2006
 Maurice LeMaitre presente Le Lettrisme
Maurice LeMaitre vinyl EP "Maurice Lemaitre presente Le Lettrisme" ESRF 1171 1958; a very rare record by the maker of Le Film est deja Commence? and numerous Lettriste tracts and videos. Plus tracks by Isidore Isou and Jean Dubuffet.
16th July 2006
 Art Terry tunes a piano + piledrivers
Art Terry tunes a piano/creaking floor/piledrivers.
One of the prizes for a Resonance fund raising auction was to have a piano tuned by Art Terry, presenter of Is Black Music on Resonance104.4fm. I don't have a piano but placed a winning bid and asked Art if I could film him tuning a piano which he agreed to.
This is the soundtrack of that video film recorded on a mini dv camera superimposed on a recording made at Marcus Campbell Art Books 43 Holland Street, London SE1, of a creaking floor and demolition of the building opposite.
2nd July 2006
Edgard Varese; Ionisation (1931) for 3 bass drums, 2 side drums, 2 snare drums, tarole, 2 bongos, tambourine, tambour militaire, crash cymbal, suspended cymbals, 3 tam tams, gong, 2 anvils, 2 triangles, sleigh bells, chimes, celesta, piano, Chinese blocks, claves, maracas, castanets, slapstick, guiro, high and low sirens, lion's roar (Nonesuch 1974).
Bow Gamelan Ensemble; Black Betty/Pyrotechnics 'Offshore Rig'. From the vinyl LP Great Noises that fill the Air (Klinker Zoundz 8804 1988).Musique Akara.
Tambours de bois. From Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinee (Ocora OCR 86).
Luis Agudo; Agudu from the LP Afrosamba (Red Record VPA 172).
Kip Hanrahan/Jack Bruce: You can tell a guy by his anger, from Exotica 1992.
4th June 2006