Rare Bob Dylan + Ginsberg and others.
James Tregaskis:"I found this recording given to me by William English in the bottom of a cardboard box in my garage. I was looking for a memory stick lent to me by Sandra. William gave me this in 2005. Please change this description if you so wish , William. The original recording was lost because the hard disk at Resonance failed. We all live by a thread". James Tregaskis (7th July 2012). William English: "Thanks for unearthing this. It includes the rare Bob Dylan track, with Allen Ginsberg which a friend gave to me. I knew that you were a fanatical Bob Dylan fan and gave you a copy of the programme. Other tracks from this vintage broadcast when Resonance was still on Denmark Street are Allen Ginsberg reciting his own poem, Lettrist poem by Isidore Isou, one side of a single by The Farinas who later became Family, and a CD single by Rodney Graham".
18th December 2005
 Bill Burns, safety gear for small animals
Interview with Canadian Artist Bill Burns, director of the Museum of Safety Gear for Small Animals.
20th November 2005
 Tennis Club
Several tennis games superimposed. Recorded by William English on a Sony 'Professional' Walkman cassette recorder. One of the tennis players caught sight of the microphone which was fixed to a wire fence and commented on being spied upon. Whenever a tennis ball struck the fence an interesting reverberation resulted.
6th November 2005
 Hugh de la Cruz on perpetual motion
Alan Bridges (alias Hugh de la Cruz) attempts to describe his perpetual motion machine.
Hugh is an inventor of unfinished projects including a motorcycle that doesn't fall over and a trousercoat illustrated in "What did you eat today? Number One; Hugh de la Cruz"
16mm film by William English and Sandra Cross.
10th October 2005