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31st Jul 2009

A psyche and its geography

Three tracks from A psyche and its geography. Inside Out: curated by Andrew Kotting 2008 www.deadad.info ‘A Sense of Place’ by Tony Hill and Sally Goode, ‘Mapping Perception’ by Toby McMillan, ‘Fragment’ by Max Richter. Followed by several tracks from I.D. Art 2 CD produced by Clive Graham in 2006, originally released in 1976 by the Los Angeles Free Music Society in an edition of 200 copies. The played tracks from a total of 44 were: Fredrik Nilsen ‘You can’t hide from aldehyde’, Josie Roth ‘Heal, and another little time’, Otto Flick (0:48), Mike Green ‘Martin Heidegger revisited’, Mr. Foon ‘Timeless Number 1’, Tom Kemp ‘Pasadena subway station poetry stills’. Final track is ‘Big Sur Moon’ by Buckethead from Colma.